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ISBN-13: 9781681023021
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Blood Sacrifice

Barry Hoffman

Thea Hughes is the first openly lesbian graduate of the Philadelphia Police Academy. As she struggles to become a homicide detective, she faces open hostility and partners who want nothing to do with her. She and her latest partner, Ariel Dampier, are at loggerheads until a serial killer case drops into their laps. A naked body of a teen runaway painted with her own blood spurs an investigation by the two. Clues are few and they must sadly wait for a second body before inching closer to the killer.

Ali, a runaway with the ability to heal emotionally scarred victims, is drawn to Philly. She meets Thea, who could be her twin-sister, but knows she will also encounter the "Other" whom she soon learns is a serial killer; one she believes she can heal. Can Thea and Ali prevail or will Ali put herself in danger where her life is at stake?

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