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Why be a publisher on GR

GoRead was created to give people who love books, around the world, a chance to build a virtual version of their home libraries and earn Litcoin credits that they can redeem to purchase real physical books. In creating, we realized that it would be important to have data on every book, every author and every publisher on the planet. As a result, we have strategic partnerships that give us access to all this data. You will see that your company already has a page!

Why would you want to take control of the page?

GoRead is quickly turning into the largest community of readers & authors on the planet. As you know, the vast majority of avid readers also dream of, one day, becoming an author. They are already scanning through the publisher’s pages, looking for info.

If you decide, set up your publisher’s page, you are drastically increasing the chances of someone noticing you. As well, your author’s will appreciate it, if you take the time to link their profiles to your page and give them even more publicity. Part of the plan here at GoRead is to make it easier to help authors and readers to find publishers. We will be releasing an index of all the publishers here. Publishing companies will be ranked by the number of fans, number of authors & how active you are here on the platform.

The most active publishers will be invited to join our steering committee and also be given free Litcoins for advertising.

Once you have claimed your page, you are free to add video, stories, articles and anything else you think may help bring more attention to you. Just remember, we reserve the right to review all content to ensure that it reflects the mission that we all have here.

If you already have a page here, then find your page and click the Claim Link under the Publishers name to begin the process to claim it. It’s looking pretty ugly right now and is begging for you to spruce it up.

If you don’t have a publisher’s page yet, click the link below and get the process started.

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