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Stepping Stones

Picture this;

You’re standing in front of a long path, the sun is setting quickly but the snow falling lightly around you is sparkling from the light posts guiding your way. It’s quiet and everything is covered in a soft white blanket. 

With each step taken a footprint is left behind. You advance with caution so each one is so perfectly placed. The…

The Resolution of a Book-dragon

New year, new you, blah, blah, blah, I like the person I am. I’m a bibliophile, a bookworm, a devourer of books. No, scratch that. I’m a bookwyrm–a veritable, voracious book-dragon. I’ve always loved books. When other kids were playing baseball and blowing up frogs, I was reading, exploring the wonderful world of my imagination, stretching my synapses. I could get lost fo…

The Lucky Cat

You’re either a cat person, or a dog person. Me? I grew up with dogs, big dogs. Dogs so rough and wild and strong, that I’d have to pick my arm off the ground, and screw it back into the socket if a squirrel crossed our path. As you might imagine, I didn’t have a cat. Not that there’s anything wrong with cats – often I’d see scruffy toms scampering ‘round my grandparents’ …

Make 2018 Amazing – 10 Steps

January is almost at a close. How has it been for your so far? Are you focused on your goals? Did you set any? It is not too late to start. I am excited to share with you these 10 steps that will set you off on the right path, as gleaned from the great insights of Mark Cole. The steps are working for me and I am sure you will find some gold in the fol…

The Ten Commandments of …Comedy

“Two fish in a tank. One turns to the other and says: ‘Do you know how to drive this?’”

Surprise is so essential to comedy that if there isn’t a twist or surprise, it isn’t funny. Timing is important. You want to give the audience time to start thinking of a punch line. Drop it too soon, and they won’t be there. Drop it too late, and they’ll be gone. Pu…

How To Start A Book Club

Do you insist on re-arranging your personal library by the Dewey Decimal System? Is your local library threatening to cut you off? Before the gentlemen in the clean, white coats come to take you away, perhaps you should consider joining a book club. A book club, you say? “I won’t have to serve those damn tasteless cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off, or weak tea like…

Why Everyone Should do MLM (Part 1)

I can see the disgust on some of your faces already. I know that there is a portion of the population that absolutely HATES network marketing. There are a ton of reasons why someone may not like MLM. It could be because they have tried it in the past and been unsuccessful, they have been bugged by too many of their friends to come to a meeting, or have been misled or…

Skye’s Big Adventure

It was a cold winter day. Skye drew a smiley face on the frost coating the window. She drew two triangles for ears, and added lines for whiskers. Now it looked just like a kitty. Skye loved cats. When she grew up to be president, she’d make sure all the kitties and puppies had nice warm homes.

Skye smiled. Big, puffy flakes of snow were falling from the sky. May…

Hachiko Waits

“Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends.” – Alexander Pope

The faint smell of cherry blossoms floats through the air, as I sit on a wooden bench near the tracks. I’m growing impatient. Where is that train? I glance at my watch. It’s almost three o’clock. I look up and see the statue of the faithful dog Hachikō, [and I …

Be Emotionally Strong
“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider’s web.” ~ Pablo Picasso

“Emotions are the catalyst which enable the heart to engage the soul.” ~ Vaughn Berkeley

In the world we live in today, it is m...

If He Can Do It!

Let’s talk about dreams and aspirations. Fun subject, right?!? Easy discussion that gets the energy flowing. Lift your eyes a little and you will see dreams and aspirations at their finest. My son, Jake, is now the youngest person to become a certified member of the John Maxwell Team. He is trained and certified in the John Maxwell Method of Speaking, Coaching and Trai…

TowaT #4 – Love

Valentine’s Day has come and gone for another year – what does that mean for “love” now? Do we shelve “love” til next year’s Valentine’s Day or continue to show and embrace love each day of the year? The answer may seem pretty clear. However, in our society, there seems to be so much emphasis on “love” for this one day. “Love” is to be celebrated each and every day …

To detox or NOT to detox? Is that the question?

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Should you or shouldn’t you detox? Is that the question? The answer is “Yes.” I would highly recommend a detox especially IF, in the past 3 months, you have had any of these signs or symptoms: sluggish, extremely moody, difficulty focusing or …

Comparison and Keeping Your Life Small

It is said that comparison is the thief of joy. Many of us find ourselves in an endless internal battle of comparing ourselves to others. The same can be said when we compare ourselves to where we used to be. I know that’s true for me, especially when it comes to fitness.

I competed in powerlifting two years ago. It was the strongest and most empowered I’ve felt in …

Public Speaking Tips ( Part 4 )

How many of you reading this are terrified of public speaking? The numbers say three out of every four people are afraid of public speaking. More people are afraid of public speaking than death! Isn’t that crazy?!? People would rather die, than to get on stage in front of people. However, there is help for people like you! I am going to share a few tips I have learned ov…

Are your beliefs really yours?

What is our marker, what influences our decision. What cause us to believe the things we believe. What is generating this belief? What’s fuelling this belief?

When we were born; we have no belief system. We were empty and void of any form of belief or influence or markers and then we begin.

Hopefully our parents would have been our first set of influences…

Please don’t be a guilt trip!

My husband and I both come from very large and close-knit families. To give you some perspective he has 28 first-cousins and I’ve got 42. We love our families, and enjoy spending as much quality time as possible. What we don’t love is that we live 5,756 miles away and rarely get to see them.

So this year, when our first niece was born, we decided to ignore the pri...

Why I decided to write a book.

I’ve been asked this question since the day I decided to write my book, I can understand people’s confusion as I was never a writer nor expressed any interest in writing. Writing was never a passion of mine and had someone asked me 5 years ago if I would ever write a book the answer would have been a definite NO. So what changed in me that all of the sudden I had…

The Value of Completion

As projects build up and time seems to escape, anyone can be forgiven for feeling down. When there’s but so much to do and a limited amount of time to do it in, panic can set in. There are all sorts of ways to combat this feeling, from meditation to prayer to exercise to working out a set schedule to follow. But there is another, fairly simple way of coping with all the str…

Writing Makes Me Happy

Writing makes me happy!

When I was in elementary school I was considered borderline dyslexic, I would confuse my “b and d”, my reading level was slightly behind,  I felt overwhelmed and second guessed myself a lot. School was never easy for me, but I did my best and successfully graduated University with a Bachelor…

Organization, is there a secret?

Organization, something I am both good and horrible at.

I tend to forget often, probably because my to-do list can get a tad too long. So knowing how I am, when I applied to do my masters, I was worried. I was extremely worried that I wasn’t going to be able to handle working full-time and going to school on an almost full-time basis. But, I am handling it, and I am…

Challenging yourself in 2018

Putting up a new calendar is a great incentive to start over and do differently.  That energy is needed to accompany the sense of renewal. However, a new year does not have the capability to change one’s life. If we want to change something in our lives, we need to focus first on what is important to us. We always try to create excuses for what we couldn’t do. To what point...

Money-Saving Tips [from someone who is debt free]

I wrote last month about a few money-saving strategies I used to pay off debt, including my mortgage by the time I was 33. This month, I want to dive into a few more concepts and ideas, and hopefully provide some specific ways where you can add more money into your pocket. 

The thing I want to stress the most is before you go to battle, you have to know what you…

In the Stillness

I wish you less

  • Less perfecting and pleasing and putting on airs
  • Less blaming and shaming to make room for more loving and wondering
  • Less anger, anxiousness, less apathy
  • Less mindlessness about the preciousness of how you use your time
  • Less time-wasting and more time adventuring
  • ...
Public Speaking Tips ( Part 3 )

How many of you reading this are terrified of public speaking? The numbers say three out of every four people are afraid of public speaking. More people are afraid of public speaking than death! Isn’t that crazy?!? People would rather die, than to get on stage in front of people. However, there is help for people like you! I am going to share a few tips I have learned o…

So you want to know about photography!

What is photography?

Photography is part of daily life. You have taken pictures, you have been in pictures, and you see pictures every day. What is photography though? This article series will tackle any questions you may have and highlight the medium’s possibilities.

The origi…

People with a Situational Value System

Reading Time:30 Seconds

I was in a busy grocery store last week and like others, had been in the queue for some time. There were only two staff members on duty working as fast as humanly possible. Both ladies were apologising to customers as they went through the checkout explaining that they had staff shortages

I had already let two ladies…

How Much Longer (Part 2)

For those who have read my articles in the past, you would know that I posted an article on this topic once before. I am getting really sick of waking up and reading news stories about mass shootings, or seeing the posts about them on social media. It is even worse when it involves kids. The worst part for me, is how normal it seems to be for everyone. People aren’t e…

Why You Need Multiple Sources of Income Right Now

We live in a pretty amazing time. Technology and the internet have opened up so many doors and connect people from all over the world. While this poses it’s challenges (like being glued to our phones!), it also provides opportunities, like making it even easier to earn multiple streams of income.

If you work full time, you may be wondering why it’s worth trying to...

Lessons From an Infant

My son ceases to amaze me. In these last 2 and a half months I feel as though i’ve learned more on this earth than the last 28 years. 

Every parent probably says the exact same thing, but you never truly know what they mean until you are fully immersed in their shoes. 

These past couple months, I have never been more sleep deprived, …

How to Make a Difference (in a Big Way!) This Year

Happy New Year! The new year is upon us and for many that brings a time of reflection and goal setting. What are our resolutions for the year? And what do we hope to accomplish? How can we boost our impact? And how do we make it stick? Today’s post shares some ideas on how to make a difference in 2018 and beyond.



The Gift of Gilbert

Let me tell you a feel-good story. It involves love – the love of a mother for her daughter, and a child’s passionate, exhilarated, uncomplicated love for books. This is the true story of Deb Rhodes, and her daughter Sarah, and how I came to know them. This holiday season, I am grateful that Deb has shared parts of her story, and that through her mom, Sarah has shared a wo…


It’s that time of year again. Winter has arrived, sales slow down, and restaurants are looking for a way to bring in more customers. The city of Toronto’s restaurants have come up with a unique way of doing this by creating an opportunity for more affordable restaurant experiences at some high end, and even not so high end spaces. This is Winterliciou…

Foregoing the Goals & Festivities

As the new year vastly approaches, I tried to think to myself a list of all the things i’d like the upcoming to look like. Will I promise myself to get into shape and adhere to a new and strict diet and exercise regimen?

Will I set a spending limit each month in order to hinder myself from living beyond my means? 

There are many goals I could set for myself on …

Focused? Forgetful? – Nope, Just a Skatterbrain.

On Sunday I woke up with the intention of getting a huge list of things done throughout the day.

I had specifically set aside the day to complete the many tasks I kept pushing back.

Well you tell me if I succeeded.

Here goes.

Got up. Went downstairs to make my son some breakfast.

As I was walking down the stairs I notice a loose piece ...

Why Everyone Should Do MLM ( Part 2 )

In the first part of this article, I gave a very (VERY) basic introduction to what MLM or Network Marketing is. Over the next couple articles I am going to share some of the amazing benefits of getting started in the MLM space. 

Tax Incentives – There are two types of tax laws out there, one for people with regular jobs, and one for business owner…

Moments of Truth

When you work in the restaurant industry it can be a pretty thankless job. It is a high energy environment where you are always on your feet at the service of others. Anyone who has ever been in a customer service industry knows that often you take a verbal beating from unhappy customers or guests, who at times are just looking to get a freebie. Still you must maintain your...

Leading The Way In 2018

It’s that time of year again! As we reflect and evaluate on the previous year we can’t help but set goals and targets for the upcoming year. We look back on what worked and what didn’t. We make promises to ourselves to either not have a certain thing repeat itself or to further improve on what we have done. We tend to view that first day, week, or even month of the upcoming...

Last Train to London

Reading time:30 Seconds

Is life always awesome? Have you been through some really crappy times when you wondered if things would ever improve?

….. I certainly have and I want to share a few thoughts of two absolute extremes.

Yesterday I travelled to London on business with my beautiful wife to be; ...

Touching History on Its Racing Flanks

As we struggle into 2018 with partisan politics, racial tensions, arguments over DACA and immigration laws, I hear the words of a Tony Hoagland poem still ringing as true as when they were written in 2002.. This incredible poem, “The Change”, is in Hoagland’s collection entitled What Narcissism Means to Me. In it, Hoagland, as an aging white man, deals with the…

The burnout

I move mountains, there’s nothing I can’t handle. “Push-on” I say.

In my world, there are no problems just situations. I don’t worry over things I can’t control. I don’t let inconsequential people get to me. If Plan A doesn’t work then I move on to Plan B and that’s why there are 26 letters in the alphabet! If I want something I work to get it. I’m not shy. I speak...

Don’t Change Your Sponge, Change How You Use It

You know that old saying, “Out with the old, in with the new?” Well, we’re going to use that metaphor literally today. I’d like you to go to your kitchen or bathroom or wherever you last used a sponge to clean something. Take a really good look at that sponge. Pretty yucky and cruddy I imagine? It’s been through the ringer and back, been through some rough scrapes, proba…

How are you getting your Dopamine?

Dopamine is the happy chemical your brain releases into your body,when you are really enjoying something. Thank god for Dopamine you may say! And I have to agree, what would life be without happiness and the feel good factor.?But things are a little bit trickier than that, you see not all activities we do that release Dopamine are good for us and if we practise the negative …


 In life every time I leave a place to find healing. It seems like my closest friends in the place feel abandoned by my departure. They act like they lost somebody precious. They act like I’m the reason for their conflict and that’s why I left. They just want power over me. They just want to control me. They will manipulate me and do vindictive things to me until I play th…

Who Am I?


Who am I? Who the hell am I? I’m not sure there is a single person on the face of this planet that hasn’t asked themselves that question at least once in their lifetime. My issue is I ask myself it at least twenty to thirty times every single day. I wake up every day and look in the mirror wondering if today is finally the day that I’ll have the answer to …

Photography in the first half of the 19th century

Welcome back!

Let’s dig deeper into the events that shaped photography in the first half of the 19th century

Frenchmen Joseph Nicéphore Niépce and Louis Daguerre were the first to “fix” an image, keeping it from getting erased by light quickly. In the 1820s, Niépce took the oldest existing photograph, named View from the window at…

Distance, Distance, Distance

As every January draws to a close, so does the PGA Golf Show in Orlando, Florida. This event is “THE EVENT” where all the major golf equipment companies launch their new product lines for the coming year. Your local golf professional will absorb all the technical details about the new offerings and learn how to sell you “THE DRIVER” to make you hit it longer and str…

The Fast Track to Success

My journey into digital marketing began only six months ago. Prior to that I knew that many people were making a full-time income working only on the internet. What I didn’t know was how.

To answer this question I started by entering “how to make money online” into several search engines. The search results were disappointing to say the least. Every link I clicked le…

# 3 Powerful People – Call Poison What It Is

Over consumption of drugs and alcohol carry negative societal stigmas in our culture. And rightly so. They are generally easy to say no to for the masses. Consumers will referred to has  drunks or druggies by the general population. We may have some level of compassion for them, maybe we can relate to them from our own personal experience. Very few people get into drugs …