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Pity Party

I throw pity parties on a regular basis and have become a huge advocat for them. Hosting a party like this can be very difficult at first but, once you learn the Do’s and Don’t’s, they can be extremely beneficial to our mental health. For quite some time now, I’ve noticed that our peers put so much pressure on us to not complain or feel sorry for ourselves, however surp…

#SireMedia…Humble Beginnings

There’s nothing like being 17. You are on the edge of what could be the biggest choice in your life, all while living it up daily. At 17 I held a fun cashier supervisor job, attending all my high school classes, and recorded music almost on the daily. In between classes I would hand out mixtapes to just about anyone. After class I would hop on the bus (school bag and al…

Drowning at the Bottom of the Bottle

Have you ever loved someone who suffered from an addiction?

Whether it be a mother, father, friend or spouse? You are probably familiar with that stifling feeling of trying to breath under water. Always reaching for the surface but it never seems to come. Treading so fierce towards an end that always seems to extend further and further. 

Thats exactly how it f…

To our grand-parents

I was very fortunate. I knew two great grand-mothers and had all four of my grand-parents until the age of 20. I lost my last grand-parent 21 years later.

Our grandparents were always present for us. They supported us financially when needed. They babysat us to give our parents a break. They took us places, told us stories, taught us how to play cards, fix things,...

Summer Fever

For all you summer lovers out there starting to panic because it’s already halfway done, I’m here to tell you how you can make the most of the last couple months of the hottest season. Even if you’re dreaming of the warm weather resigning for the year, this article will surely give you good ideas to help pass the time quickly until you’re picking pumpkins and hitting the …

The Perfect Mom Syndrome

Don’t we all just look at her in wonderment and just a pinch of envy? You know who I’m talking about. That mom who just never fails. The one who bakes fresh muffins in the morning and cooks a 3 course meal from scratch in the evenings. The one who does homework side by side with her kids and has all the patience of a saint. You know who I’m talking about, right? The fla…

Q2 2017 U.S. Market Recap

Political news dominated the headlines in Q2, while lackluster GDP growth had many concerned about the economy’s trajectory for the rest of the year. Despite this, equities rose between 2% and 4% during the quarter, with the S&P 500 returning +3.1%, the Russell 2000 +2.5%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average +4.0% (all numbers include divid…

Come Fly With Me – In Style and Comfort!

As I prepare to embark on another adventure, by air of course, I am choosing my outfit for tomorrow’s flight. It is not a long flight yet all the same I really want to fly in comfort. Jake looks pretty cool in the photos above, don’t you think? I am not biased at all…wink, wink! He would also be pretty comfy, for a kid, on a flight. Not me though! I could never travel in sh...

Industry Standards in Restaurants.

Whenever you are in a particular industry it can make it more difficult to enjoy your experience as a consumer of that product or service. This is because instead of going in blind and accepting whatever comes your way, you have a certain standard that you are used to and have difficulty accepting anything less. Of course, the same can be said of a regular high end consum…

The Singer Part 4: Resonance

Being heard well is an important part of singing. After all, if your audience can’t hear you it doesn’t matter how good you really are, or what your message is, it will get lost in transition. Inexperienced singers will often push more air through the vocal chords or be forceful and use a lot of pressure to get the volume they want, but long term this can cause a lot…

The Fun Behind “Starting off Small”

Do you remember all the crazy experiments and hobbies you had growing up? How many of those hobbies turned into real passion and something you could see yourself doing for the rest of your life? In a world where we expect instant results we have almost lost sight of the phrase “starting off small”. I started recording music at 13 years old. How? It involved a barely funct…

How Did You Get To Be The Way You Are?

Did you ever wonder how you got to be the way you are?

Why do many of us share similar values? Why do others operate on a totally different wavelength? My friends share common traits: having faith, belief and perseverance. Living with a high degree of integrity. Doing what they promise. They’re loving, kind and generous.  


Las Vegas Insider Tips (Part 3)

Las Vegas is easily one of my favorite towns in the United States! There is something for everyone! Whether you like great restaurants, shows, bars, clubs, action, sightseeing, or anything else you can come up, Sin City has you covered!

So, visiting there a few times, I have come up with a few suggestions on the best pools that you can find in all of sin c…

About Anger


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Stuff ? Vent? Count to ten?  Stuffing it is sometimes a good idea for the short term when expressing anger would be counterproductive. No matter what you’ve heard, venting does not dissipate the emotion unless there are changes in whatever caused the anger. Counting is the best choice if we count slowly and use the tim…

Loving yourself is the greatest gift to the world!

“Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” 

– M. Scott Peck 

Loving yourself is probably one of the most important aspects of health and wellness. If you don’t love yourself, your body can’t love you and people can’t love you. I don’t know why self-love is so difficult for so many, but I …

Your Very Own Day to Day Instruction Manual

As you all know, I’ve been completely transparent with the life modifications that I have decided to embark on recently. 

I wanted to truly express my deepest adoration in this blatantly obvious first person article, about WRITING THINGS DOWN!

With all of these goals that I am trying to undergo all at once, also came chaos! I once again…

A charity you should know about.

There are so many possible ways we can contribute to our society and community, and I believe every person can find a way to connect and give back. Some charities work on large scale projects or events a few times a year while others have ongoing smaller initiatives. As a parent I have a soft spot for children’s charities, but truthfully just about any good cause can get me...

3 Steps to Overcoming Mental Work Week Exhaustion

Have you ever felt exhausted? 

I know most of you would be nodding your heads and rolling your eyes at this moment saying, “DUH!”

We all have had the immense pleasure of feeling completely mentally and physically run down. But how much is enough? What is your limit that forces you to throw in the towel? And what can we do, if anything, to help us to avoid thi…

Let them suffer

Suffering, for some, is roughing it without running water or electricity. For others, in some countries, that’s just day to day life.

We live in a privilege part of the world. We have not had war in our backyards. Our kids, essentially, want for nothing. They are hungry, they go to the fridge or ask to stop at Tim’s for a snack. They expect the latest fashion or t...




The closer I come to the BIG delivery day, the more and more nervous I get of what is to be expected afterwards. SURPRISINGLY, I am not nervous about the tiny, breakable human that is about to become our reason for every breath we take, but I am nervous about the stomach that may be dragging on the floor behind…

Las Vegas Insider Picks (Part 2)

Las Vegas is easily one of my favorite towns in the United States! There is something for everyone! Whether you like great restaurants, shows, bars, clubs, action, sightseeing, or anything else you can come up, Sin City has you covered!

So, visiting there a few times, I have come up with a few suggestions on places I think you should check out that are completely free…

Firstifications: My first visit with a chiropodist

fir·sti·fi·ca·tion (fərst əfəˈkāSH(ə)n)- the expectations a person holds before doing something for the first time

Your feet support you all day, but what supports them? We spend countless hours on our feet but we rarely take the time to give them the attention they deserve. Take a second and think. Wwhat do you know about your feet, other than your shoe …

Telephone etiquette

I own and operate a portrait studio in Montreal. Over the 10 years I have learned a lot.

The 1st thing I learned was that your clients are the ones who put bread on your table. They allow you to pay your staff, your rent and permit you to continue to operate.

Good communication is crucial when dealing with the public. We see people in person, we answer…

How much longer?

Like most of you, I was shocked to hear about what happened in Las Vegas a couple days ago. I have always joked that Las Vegas was like my “home away from home.” It seems a bit ironic that I just finished up a 3 part series on my favorite things to do in Vegas. It just goes to show you how quickly things can change. 

I always looked at Las Vegas as a place to escap…

Child Loss – The Grieving Father

The loss of a child is not something I would ever wish for any parent

I can honestly tell you that time does not heal all wounds when you out live your child. The pain of the loss just becomes a necessary numbness that allows you to go on with life.

Be it illness, accident, premature birth or miscarriage the thought of never being able to hold your child …


This article has nothing to do with the ever growing popular sport of Cow tipping. It is about what to tip and why you should tip.

Many servers are part-time workers who are going through school and are trying to pay their tuition and cost of living while in attendance. Some, are artists who dream of making it big in their field and need the flexible hours to…

How the Universe Tells You It’s Time For a TimeOut

Everything was going great this past Saturday afternoon. I was looking snazzy, having a good hair day…I thought why not wear heels since I rarely get a chance to put them on?  And it is a party after all, right?  I decided to bring my camera to take some candid shots of the surprised birthday girl (my step-mum), and so I was fully prepared. It was going to be fun! Too wir…

The end of a 14 year relationship with the pill.

This article is more for the ladies and somewhat personal but I wanted to shed some light on birth control and why I chose to get off of it after 14 years.  

When I was about 17 I made the decision to go on birth control and it was because my doctor suggested it after suffering with severe monthly cycles for so many years. I thought wow amazing this p…

Estate Planning… Benefits of a Will

I can already hear the *sigh*, or imagine the eye rolling that will occur after most people read the title of this article. But… in my opinion, even though Estate Planning is a terribly boring topic, it is extremely important to consider for anyone past their early 20s. 

Benefits of creating a will include the ability to: appoint a guardian for children under 18,...

Not Again!

 Not Again!!!


I am so upset with myself! Why you ask? Well, I have managed to sabotage myself yet again. I was finally on the right path and sticking to my new found ways of being on top of things and being accountable for the choices I make, I was finally on the path of realizing that I am worth it, and I deserve to find happiness. …

How to Choose The Right Side Hustle

Considering starting a side hustle? Looking to earn some extra income? Or trying to figure out how to monetize a hobby?

No matter your objective, seeking out multiple streams of income is almost always a good idea. My side hustles are what enabled me to leave my full-time corporate job in January 2017, letting me pursue my own goals and dreams. They gave me the…

Las Vegas insider picks (Part 1)

Las Vegas is easily one of my favorite towns in the United States! There is something for everyone! Whether you like great restaurants, shows, bars, clubs, action, sightseeing, or anything else you can come up, Sin City has you covered!

So, visiting there a few times, I have come up with a few suggestions on places I think you should check out that aren’t the m…

Find Renewal Like the Sun

I feel so in love with life right now. Ask me last week, and I would have said otherwise. To be able to connect with the shifts inside of your heart and soul and BE OK with them is key to living fully.

I tend to have words land on me: literally they show up in my periphery and in my brain. I use them, read them, see them, hear them in conversation… Just like when…

Grandma tips 2 Cure Diseases with Cinnamon & Honey

When you think of medicine to help alleviate arthritis pain, or lower cholesterol, it’s probably a safe bet that cinnamon and honey didn’t cross your mind — until now.

Believe it or not, cinnamon and honey have been used to cure an array of diseases in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, and this mixture has a long tradition of use as a homemad…


The key to a successful relationship? 

Well who knows what that is?!

What is the miracle elixir that allows two completely opposite individuals to withstand a cohabitant lifestyle? If this person doesn’t share the same goals, values, cleanliness, or obsessive compulsivity with the height of my photos, HOW EXACTLY ARE WE ABLE TO PLAY HOUS…

STOP with the stop signs

You might think this is such a mundane topic but hear me out.

The back story:

I have lived on the same street for more than 27 years. It’s a modest 4-bedroom cottage on a fairly well-traversed suburban street off the island of Montreal in a community reputed to be ideal for raising young children. Just to illustrate how ideal… there are 3 elementary schools…

Toothless Baby Forever?

Of course there’s no such thing as a toothless baby but this week I was concerned that mine might be the first lol As mothers we worry way too much, especially as first time moms. We read all the blogs, google everything and talk to our fellow mom friends about their experiences. Most children get their first teeth between 3-7 months, well mine is 6.5 months and still no sign of …

Always think forward

I wanted to reflect on something we probably all go through, sometimes you have so much ambition and so many things you want to get in life but it seems impossible to make it so you let those feelings and fear push you and your dreams/goals down. You loose the hope but there will come a day that motivation will come back even stronger and more energy to fight for what you w…

How important is water?

We hear that it is important to stay hydrated and drink lots of water, but really, how important is water? 80% of our brain is water, and in adult men and women, the body is made of 60-70% of water. Most functions in our body require fluids in order to run smoothly. Blood transports oxygen, nutrients, electrolytes, enzymes and many other products that are needed for each …

What is stress and how does it affect our bodies?

What is stress and how does it affect our bodies?


What are the different types of stress?


Most of us experience stress on a regular basis, sometimes without realizing it. Most of the time, when we talk about stress, we always see it as a bad thing, but sometimes, stress can be good for us. Good stress helps to push you, motiv…

Over Independence…Is that a thing?

Is there actually such a thing as ‘Over Independence’?

I mean we are taught through our formative years to ‘do it ourselves’, to ‘learn’… in fact most of our life’s journey is about becoming the ultimate in achievement – INDEPENDENT!

Those of us who have raised,  or are raising children do so in hopes that one day they will be INDEPENDENT. Able to sustain th…



Pity and sympathy involve feeling sorry for someone else’s distress. Empathy involves imagining ourselves in the situation of the disturbed person. Empathic people experience some level strain as if we were in the situation ourselves.

Like many other aspects of behavior, the capacity for empathy has a biological component. Without claws, fangs or blindi…

Serious Wealth

How do you create serious wealth?

Most people were raised to believe that:

Time + Effort = Money

However, I don’t believe that’s how wealth is created. One of my coaches put it this way:

Value + Results = Money

What va...

Soul Food

Do you remember your annual visits to the pediatrician? We went for our “well check-ups” and my mom breathed her annual sigh of relief each time that we were deemed healthy and sent on our way. Those check-ups, for me, were torture. I remember them as visits to the den of shame where I learned the mastery of self-hatred. As if invisible, Dr. Pedvis admonished me in thi…



This is my view as I am writing this article, I am in Spain until tomorrow evening spending some lovely time with my beloved and some special friends.

Today we have spent our time on the beach and been approached countless times by people selling their wares, each trying to make a living and feed their families. Many are known as “l...

How Little Things Make Big Difference

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

The subtitle really gives it away, and how! This is my second book by Gladwell and I am fiercely impressed by his storytelling style.

Although the subtitle is clear, it only becomes fully clear in the conclusion of…


All parents need time away from the kids to interact with other adults and recharge their batteries; this is especially true for parents of kids with special needs. But if parents of typical children find it difficult to find a caregiver to trust with their kids, this can be even more challenging when looking for caregivers with the skills and experience needed to care…


 I often find myself sitting in Coffee Shops observing the people around me. They all come from diverse backgrounds, families, and cultures. It’s like a bunch of scenes out of a bunch of different movies. I’m just observing waiting for the drama to unfold. I stare in admiration as the people behind the counters who get paid very little work so hard to make each indiv…