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OK Ethel…Here We Go!

2017…I’ve got this…I think!

Inspiration (Scale damnit)…check!

Pinterest Board ~ Yoga…check!

Yoga Mat…check!

Exercise outfit…check!

Proper shoes…check!

A bra that won’t let me down ( I know Lucyyyyyyy)…check!

Girlfriends that will encourage me (I know Vickyyyyy!!!)…check!

Cleaned out the cupboards…sigh…check!...

Becoming A Best-Selling Author With The 4 C’s

It is my firm belief that everyone has the desire to write at least one book over the course of their lifetime. However, writing requires time and energy. The entire writing and publishing process is long and grueling, and most people find themselves feeling so overwhelmed that they don’t even know where to begin.

With more and more people writing books — and over a m…

The Power of First Impressions

You have all heard the expression, you only have one chance to make a first impression. In life, as in business, that rings true almost always. I am going to tell you a true story that happened to me last week, and how I used it as a reminder to myself about the importance of your first impression.

 I recently decided that I was getting too busy to do everything in...

“Mothering” my dying Mom

I consider this to be role reversal in its worst form…..experiencing the illness and death of my mother.   I share yet another of the most difficult times in my life, with the most heartfelt hope that some part of my experience will help you or someone that you love. I will outline just a few important things to consider in caring for a dying parent and then I will tel…

Building Trust in Teams

How Important is Trust in a Team? Firstly if there is no trust in the team, you haven’t really got a team! It is just a group of individuals, working together, often making disappointing progress, often really only doing things for themselves internally but externally appearing to be working towards the teams goals. They may hide information from one another for fear that t…

What do you want? Think it clearly and it shall be

For me, this is the perfect subject to start a new year with. Making resolutions, setting goals, implementing plans, are what is predominant in what I’ve been doing this past week. So, I started this year with a big question and broke it down into achievable tasks. Now, let’s dig into my why & how to make that happen.

In Chapter 5 of TJ Hoisington’s…

It’s Not Always About You

I like to think that we all see the world through our own lenses. Sometimes they are rose-coloured, painting everyone and everything in positive, glowing light; other times they may be grey, causing everything in sight to somehow appear bleak. Our past experiences, victories and challenges, upbringing and environment shape the very makeup of these lenses, and their comp…

Setting Your Goals for the New Year

Happy New Year! The ball has dropped… it’s 2017. Hopefully we’ve all enjoyed the holidays and now we’re back and it’s time for a better you in the New Year.

I’m sure many of you have spent time over the holidays thinking about what your New Year’s resolutions are going to be.

Did you decide to get up extra early to pack your own lunch every day in…

The Power of the Power Nap

I can’t think of a more enjoyable experience than taking a nap in the middle of the day. If you are like me, then I imagine sometimes you feel guilty about taking a nap when you have so much stuff to do. It wasn’t until a long talk with my mentor, and a little bit of knowledge about the subject that I decided to make napping a daily part of my everyday life. There are vast ...

Stop Worrying About What Everyone Else Thinks

We all like to be liked, but it can come at a cost.

To feel accepted is a nearly universal human desire. After all, we evolved to survive better in groups, where fitting in and having the trust and respect of our peers are the measures of success. The need to belong is in our DNA.

But sometimes that need takes center stage, and what o…

Decluttering 101: 4 Steps toward a Simpler Life.

This week I was involved in an avalanche- granted, it was from my Tupperware cabinet, but an avalanche nonetheless. It was then that I realized it was time for one more room in my house to be decluttered, the one I’d been dreading and putting off, the kitchen. Thankfully, by the time I got to the kitchen it didn’t feel as daunting as it once had since my family had been …

Who am I?

Who am I?

Here I am, sitting down, trying to write my ‘About Me’ for my website. I have been avoiding writing this for so long. I have written six other articles and achieved a lot of other things, but when writing my ‘bio’ I find myself stuck. ‘Why?’ I ask myself. This should be easy. 

I realized that writing ‘who I am’ is the most difficult job of all. W…

4 Personality Types – Part 1

It has always been my belief that being good with people is as marketable of a skill as anything else in the world. So many people, regardless of the industry they are in, are in the people business. The problem is, most people don’t know anything about people.

I am going to take you on a 5 step journey on people. We are going to dive into the 4 main personality …

Books vs Movies: A Letter to Hollywood

Dear Hollywood,

Please stop making great books into movies….you ruin them I’m sorry to say. Each time I hear about a new movie coming out based on a book, I get excited, until I see said movie then become nothing but disappointed or even sometimes angry.

I have watched you butcher books by James Paterson, Margaret Mitchell and Dan Brown to name but a very s…

4 Personality Types – Part 4 (The Whale)

Hopefully you got a chance to read my previous thee articles, 4 Personality Types – Part 1,2, and 3 where we broke down the best ways of finding out someone’s personality type by asking a few key questions and looked into the first two personality types, The Shark and the Dolphin.

We are now going to look at the third of the 4 Personality types, The Whale.


Vulnerability is Key

A book that changed my life is “The Gift of Imperfection” by Brene Brown. My social worker at the CLSC at the time gave me this book when I was going through my separation and she said “Read it, it will help you.” She told me there is a section in it about vulnerability. I read it and at first could not understand it. I had always thought of vulnerability as such a weakness…

Saving Up for Your Down Payment? Battle of the Tax

Congrats, you’ve made the wise decision of buying a home. Purchasing real estate offers many benefits – forced savings, a tax-sheltered long-term investment and the ability to turn your home into an income source by renting it out, to name a few. With almost 70 percent of Canadians choosing to own their homes instead of rent, many feel the same way.

While many Cana...

Shedding more light on Introverts

According to the dictionary, an introvert is a shy, reticent person. Do you know an introvert or maybe you are one yourself and you feel misunderstood all the time? If only people could understand you better and you did not feel like you always had to defend yourself and your actions and why you do the things you do. I hope this touches light on some topics, and if you h…

Spirituality – My Journey

Spirituality – My Journey

I know what you are thinking! Here we go again, another person who is going to tell me that they are spiritual. That would have been me 3 years ago. I was brought up a Catholic but honestly was not a practicing one. I would pray at night. Church was not a place I enjoyed as it was in Arabic and didn’t really understand or enjoy the service….

Habits……Like Carbon Monoxide

HABITS……everyone talks about them! The good, the bad and the ugly. Creating positive and effective habits is critical to success in your personal and professional life. This is not news to you. We hear about habits almost every day. Some of the greatest thought leaders and motivational speakers regularly reinforce the importance of creating good habits. One of my f…

Take Care of Your Heart…Feed Your Soul!

It has been an interesting couple of months, this 2017.

As I house clean my Heart, throw wide open the closets where I’ve thrown my “Stuff” that I haven’t really wanted to deal with, the dust is profuse and the clutter profound. As an Entrepreneur, a Wife, a Mother, a Grandmother, a Sister & a Friend, there is this delicate thing we all …

Education outside the classroom Part 1

After completing my first round of report cards as a teacher and a parent, I spent a lot of time thinking about my students strengths and needs, and how to help them be better learners. After a lot of thinking and conversation, I realized that while I could be doing my best to help students grow at school, there needed to be an equal effort happening at home. I th…

Stress Nothing, Not Even the Small Stuff

Speaking through the wide open trap of a habitual stressor, I have decided here on out that I am a bellyacher no more. 

As I lay awake at the wee hour of 4 am, my eyes pierced, I focus on the one and only crack on our bedroom ceiling. A wave of an anxiety has managed to paralyze me. 

The contents of our sewer line have decided to grace us with it’s presence…

4 Personality Types – Part 3 (The Dolphin)

Hopefully you got a chance to read my previous two articles, 4 Personality Types – Part 1+2, where we broke down the best ways of finding out someone’s personality type by asking a few key questions and looked into the first personality type, The Shark.

We are now going to look at the second of the 4 Personality types, The Dolphin.

I personally believe th…

What You Hate Doing May Be the Key to Your Success

I’m in the midst of preparing for exponential growth for my companies. This preparation stage has left me feeling…sometimes vulnerable and raw, and at other times, insufferably bored. Growth of the magnitude I’m most interested forces me to dig in and work on all of the things I like least in my businesses. It means that “legal” and “accounting” are at the top of my pri…

The Lying Game

Detecting deception using verbal cues remains a difficult task. The best method to predict deception compares what a person says against external evidence or known truth. At best, certain statements can indicate a higher probability of deception, but there’s no one verbal cu...

4 Personality Types – Part 2 (The Shark)

Hopefully you got a chance to read my previous article, 4 Personality Types – Part 1, where we broke down the best ways of finding out someone’s personality type by asking a few key questions.

We are now going to look at the first of the 4 Personality types, The Shark.

Sharks are easily my favorite personality type, because they are easy to attract. You can s…

Be Nice To The Gatekeepers

“If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers,it shows he is a citizen of the world.” – Francis Bacon

“If you weren’t so worried about your ugly haircut, you probably would have gotten my food here faster.” I actually overheard this one evening as I sat in a booth at a café.

Next time you are out to lunch or dinner at a restaurant, observe how the peopl…

Finding the Best Deal on Tickets to Events!

Today I want to share an iPhone app / website that I discovered about a year ago when I was searching for tickets to a White Sox game in Chicago — tickets are only a fraction of the cost to attend a Cubs game 🙂

The iPhone app / website is called “SeatGeek”, and it serves as a ticket search engine (kind of like Google, but specif…

Don’t Worry Be Happy

I have spent most of my life worrying. Every time I had to make a decision in the past I would think of the worst case scenario. I was brought up with generations of worriers. I didn’t take risks in my life because I was scared things would go wrong so I stayed in my comfort zone.

When I came to move from Dubai to Canada, I had a list of all the worst-case scenarios…

Where is the Love?

The song by Black Eyed Peas asks “Where is the love?” Where is it? All we see these days is fear, hate and evil. Let us go back to finding love. How can we do that? Why not work on making everyday day Valentine’s day. Why don’t we take time everyday from our lives to show the people in it that we love and appreciate them. 

Here are a few suggestions for the different …

A unique way to deal with No!

If you are in sales, an entrepreneur, or really any job for that matter, I’m sure you hear no about as much as I do. Sometimes people will not do what they need to do because of that word. It’s crazy how many people I see get knocked completely out of the box because of their inability to deal with rejection. So here is a unique way to deal with No’s.


Maintaining a winning perspective

Chapter 9 of T. J. Hoisintton’s “If You Think You Can” starts with this amazing statement: “In the real world, moments of devastation are likely to come your way… It’s part of the process. Consequently, setbacks drive some to fight harder. For others, it provides a reason to quit. The difference is all in your perspective.” Nowhere, so far…

Building New Habits

When I began thinking through this article several days ago, I originally planned to title it “Breaking Bad Habits” but quickly realized the fatal flaw of that mindset. It’s virtually impossible to break old habits without intentionally building new ones. If you decide to eat less junk food then you will almost certainly fail. However, if you decide to incorporate three …

4 Personality Types – Part 5 (The Urchin)

Hopefully you got a chance to read my previous four articles, 4 Personality Types – Part 1,2,3, and 4 where we broke down the best ways of finding out someone’s personality type by asking a few key questions and looked into the first three personality types, The Shark, The Dolphin and The Whale.

We are now going to look at the last of the 4 Personality types, T…

Natural Tea

Whether tea is served hot or cold, tea is a popular beverage but also has major health benefits. Although there are many different types of teas, most of us know the main ones like English breakfast, green tea, chai, chamomile etc.

 Here is a list of natural teas that are good for our health that you may not have considered befor…

Listening to The Inner Circle

If you have ever read Stephen Coveys book “7 Habits of highly effective people” You will recall him talking about “The Inner Circle” I found this intriguing but it also answered a lot of questions about how I thought about myself. It also gave me cla…

In, or out, of the notorious “comfort zone”?

How many times have you heard “get out of your comfort zone”? What is the “comfort zone”? Why would one want to get out of it?

“A comfort zone is a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person and they are at ease and in control of their environment…

The Power of Focus

“Too many of us never realize our greatness because we get sidetracked by secondary activity” – Og Mandino

Do you think we are talking about what I like to call The “Oh, look a squirrel” Syndrome? Yes, and no. Yes, we are referring to distractions, but not the fleeting kind. T.J. Hoisington elaborates on several points in Chapter…

Let me introduce myself.

You have known OF me for many a year, but You have never KNOWN me.

We have spoken, eaten, laughed and cried. 

We have loved and made love with everything we were….or so I believed.

Our conversations have been delightful, insightful, educational, motivational, and at times quite frustrating. It is hard when everything is one-sided.

I learned of yo…

Creating A Sense Of Urgency

“What ideas or goals do you have that you keep putting off?” That is the overriding question that haunts us throughout the 12th chapter of T.J. Hoisington’s “If You Think You Can”. This short chapter is packed with warnings about how to use y...

Vengeance is Best Served Warm

Warm weather and sunny skies makes the heart leap as the outside beckons you to come join in nature’s song of fun and play. Whether you are 90 years old in a nursing home or, in this case eight years old and out of school on summer break, the perfect weather of a North-West Summer is irresistible. Everything in you wants to be outside! To the eight year old, it is filled wit…

How your Posture is Impacting Your Health

“For every inch of forward head posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds.” Kapandji, Physiology of Joints, Vol 3.

It is not uncommon that I see patients walk into the office with a head that has moved forward 2 inches in front of their shoulders and their posture is far from perfect. The question I always …

Are You My Soulmate?

Dear Friend:

If you’re drawn to this topic and reading my words, there may be a higher reason for us to meet across this page. Perhaps, just perhaps, we belong to the same soul family. Maybe you and I are soulmates… even from a distance… and even if we barely know each other right now. 

I can just see you. Your eyebrows are…

Law 13 – Live With Purpose

This chapter in T.J. Hoisington’s “If You Think You Can” is both summation of the previous principals and the most crucial of them all, without which no progress can be begun, much less be made. It’s thanks to this principle that I started blogging, pushing…

A Soulmate Forever: Mom’s Legacy, Part I

“We do not choose the work we are brought into this lifetime to do. That work is your soul signature – your unique expression. Your Spiritual DNA.” Panache Desai, “Discovering Your Soul Signature”

    In my last article, I spoke with you about soulmates. If you missed it, I’d suggest reading it over to understand how soulmates help us le…



It all started with a little mascara…we exchanged pleasantries until she asked me ‘what do you do?’ I answered with zest ‘I am a public speaking coach.’ Can you do a workshop with my grade 8 students?’ In business, they tell you to say YES to anything and figure it out later. That is how TEEN TALK wa…

The Lost Art of Repentance

I remember a hot, fresh tear sliding down my face as my mom half whispered, half cried the words in a broken voice, “I’m sorry Abi, I’m just so sorry.” I knew I was hurt, but hearing those words began to mend something in me that I didn’t even know was broken. Looking back, even though it wasn’t the first time my mom had apologized to me for something, I think it was …

The power of words

Words have so much power behind them it is almost scary to a point. Most of us don’t respect this power as well, and we just use them at will. A comic can use these as a missile to make you laugh so hard that you can cry, to one person and the next will be upset. A president can use the words to strike fear into people, or at the same time uplift other people. An employer c…