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Travel Deals ( Part 3 )

One of my fans, Patti Jo Grover, asked me a question about my favorite all inclusive spot to travel to. I thought I should share the wealth and give everyone some helpful travel tips. The third part of this series is going to FINALLY focus on how to get cheap All Inclusive Deals. Hopefully it was worth the wait Patti Jo!

Book Early – Many re…

Leaving Legacy

Animals, adventure, long cold treks between the stars, it was impossible to keep me in books growing up. I couldn’t get enough, but I couldn’t keep all those books. There wasn’t room or money enough. Just one of many reasons to love the library in town, the library at school, because I could read the books and take them back, leaving room for more, but some books one can’t…

Men of Action!

“Think like a man of action, and act like a man of thought.” Sallust

In essence, the late Jim Rohn declared that we should work harder on ourselves than we do anything else if we want to make more money, have a greater marriage, or live a grander lifestyle. This of course demands that we take aggressive action!

If we want to be the GREATNESS that God …

Writing a Press Release

Your book is done. It’s time to let the world know. A press release can be the quickest and easiest way to get free publicity. What is a press release? A press release is a short, factual news story written in the third person and given to the media to encourage the media to feature the story in publications and programs.

If done correctly, a press release can result…

Texting Pomp and Circumstance

Ah, it’s that time of year again: lawnmowers roaring up and down at every hour of the day and night; flowers in profusion from every tree, bush, prom-goer’s wrist, and grocery store display; and “Pomp and Circumstance” being practiced in band rooms and on high school football fields in anticipation of the big day. And, while most new graduates like to see the gift of g…

Memorial Day Discoveries

I have always loved our local community theater’s short-play festival, but I was especially honored to be in a play about a local couple during World War II. Rob and Pam Kathcart penned this play to capture a slice of her grandparents’ lives in 1945. To inform myself about clothing and hairstyles of the era, I have been renting movies depicting the men and women of Broka…

Father’s Day

June is my favorite time of year in Tioga County Pennsylvania for many different reasons. Here’s a very short story I wrote about Wellsboro’s Laurel Festival. Have you ever noticed that Father’s Day is usually around the solstice and Wellsboro’s Laurel Festival is always around Father’s Day? Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. Be proud, but maybe in a di…

He Fell From a Star

April 2018 marked the 75th anniversary of the publication of The Little Prince, by French author, Antoine de Saint-Exupery. St-Exupery’s life, writing, and death have fascinated people for all these years: the story behind the story is just as interesting as the plots of his most well-loved works.

“St-Ex” was a little too old to be a war pilot (although …

I Am So Happy For You…

“I am so happy for you!”, I say, day in and day out, to so many people that I interact with. Please read to the end of this article and you will use this statement as many times a day, as I do. This will improve your life. I will show you how! 

I am certain that you know all too well that GREEN MONSTER (GM) called envy or jealousy, even if you do not want to admit…

Teaching Reading vs Teaching Literacy

“Hey! That’s not work-related reading!” – a certain husband to his wife, when he found her doing logic puzzles instead of reading her book for book club or writing her article for this week.

When I was in middle school, the “gifted and talented” students were allowed, for one year only, to go to “enrichment” classes during the sevent...

Just Bill Me

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I’ve always loved books, and I don’t remember a time when I haven’t been able…

Travel Deals ( Part 2 )

One of my fans, Patti Jo Grover, asked me a question about my favorite all inclusive spot to travel to. I thought I should share the wealth and give everyone some helpful travel tips. The second part of this series is going to focus on how to get cheap cruise deals. Don’t worry Patti Jo, I’ll get to All Inclusive’s lol.

Sign Up for the …

The Naked Roommate

You’ve been waiting. The day has finally come. Your teachers, your parents, and you did a great job of getting you through high school, even after that little cadaver incident. You will soon graduate and never again be forced to shower with 40 sweaty guys, or suffer through another boring study hall again, but now what?

You don’t know what you want to do with the r…

Venomous Snakes

Humans have always been afraid of snakes. Maybe it’s a vague mammalian memory from when timid, chipmunk-sized creatures scurried in the looming shadow of the giant reptiles. It is no wonder we discovered fire, and invented the repeating rifle — just to make sure it’s “really, really dead”.

Ophidiophobia, the irrational fear of snakes, is quite common. Al…

Independence Dreams: Support Locals

There’s an internet meme being shared around a lot lately. The meme varies a little, and may or may not be attributed to the original author, Rebekah Joy Plett. In essence, the saying encourages us to buy things created by independent artists, authors, musicians, and crafters. These things, this meme reminds us, “aren’t just … a THING”. When you buy this artist’s creat…

“Find Waldo Local” for fun and success!

“Where’s Waldo?” is the creation of Martin Handford, whose entertaining drawings of crowd scenes swept the world in the late eighties. Since then, the “Where’s Waldo?” books have held a cherished spot on bookstore shelves the world over. There are now over 61 million Waldo books in print worldwide and they’ve been translated into over 30 languages. An entire generation…

The American Idol of Books

On May 22, PBS launched an 8-part TV series to explore and celebrate the power of fiction books. The first episode will be a 2-hour special, reviewing the list of 100 books chosen for “The Great American Read.” The last episode will air in October 2018, revealing the winner chosen through the summer voting process.

Here at our bookstore, when I tell people abou…

Stargazing With Binoculars

The nighttime sky is truly a wonder to behold, and for a young boy just starting a lifetime of discovery, my dad’s old binoculars were all I needed. When you read about the latest discovery with the Hubble space telescope, you might think that the only things worth looking at are with the biggest, best, and most expensive equipment, but it simply isn’t true. If you are just...

Pennsylvania Diners

I love to eat, and I appreciate a good diner. Pennsylvania is rich in diners. A restaurant might call itself a diner, but it doesn’t make it so. A diner is more than a place to get a hot cuppa joe and Adam and Eve on a raft*. A diner has a history, a personality, a place in the community, and a story.

The story of the diner is the story of Middle America. America…

Current Cheap Cruise Deals

I have written several articles on how to find good travel deals, but I realized that I have never once in real time published any good deals. I was browsing around this morning and I came across several good deals…so here goes! For this article I will focus only on Carnival Cruises, because there are so many deals all the time it is tough to keep the article short and s…

The Hardest part about writing a book

Why is writing a book so hard? Why is it that it seems like it takes forever to finish your first book? Why does nobody around you understand what you are going through? I remember when I was putting together my first book, friends would call me all the time at night to come and hang out, but I almost always declined and told them I was working on the book. It became a pai…

The Things They Carried

I’m a working class guy-born of farmers, and factory workers, truck drivers and laborers, and both my parents are veterans. I guess that why I think of the enlisted man-the guys and gals who drive the tank, repair the helicopter, that get things done-when Memorial Day rolls around. You know the grunts.

The grunts, the infantry, the doughboy, the duck-foot, the foot...

A Letter to My Son In-Law To Be

Dear Matt,

This is the only time I will ever write this letter, I know it in my heart. It may not be any easy letter for me to write, at the same time I feel it is a privilege to address it to you, my “son in-law to be”. I know that you are super sentimental and that you do not want anyone else to know this about you. It’s okay, this letter is written to you, and y...

Down Came the Rains: the Flood of 1972

“Mommy, why are those envelopes so wrinkled and brown?”

I already knew the answer, but I liked to hear her tell the stories behind the things in the baby memory book she’d made for me.

“Right after you were born, there was a huge storm called Hurricane Agnes. Pennsylvania and New York got a terrible amount of rain in a really short time, causing huge floods…



                 REST, my most desired 4 letter word at this time in my life! Are you like me, work yourself to depletion until all you can think of is sleep? I am not complaining, but this is a pattern for me. I feel like this every year at this time due to my profession. I am buried in a mass of papers to correct and  my incentive to proper…

Should I? Shouldn’t I? Will I succeed?

photo credit:Epiphany Institute

Should I or shouldn’t I are questions that I ask myself often. I have so many ideas for projects, books and businesses, but every step of the way, I am always questioning whether I should embark on those projects. I see my friends who are extremely successful and have more than one project that is ongoing and it makes me ask myself why…

3 Easy Steps to Finding Your Most Productive Time

As much as we wish we could sit down at any given time and work on any given task with a high degree of focus and productivity, it’s often not that easy. Instead, there are factors like time of day, work type, and environment that play a big role in our success. While it’s a good start to write achievable goals, our chances of getting them done hinges on our ability …

Why me?

How many times have you heard someone ask this question or have you asked this question? Usually when something “bad” happens we reflect on the negative of the situation and the impact it has on us and then we feel victimized.

I believe the “Why me question” should be a positive question to ask when we are faced with unforeseen situations. How life’s surprises imp...

How to Stop Being Hard on Yourself

A recent study showed that women criticize themselves an average of eight times a day. And almost half admit to starting as early as before 9:30am.

I’m sure many of you can relate to this. Whether it be criticizing our own appearance, berating ourselves for forgetting something, or engaging in self deprecating humour, we as women can easy fall …

A Bad Boss Can Make U Sick

In America, many bosses are a major cause of stress at work. Most American workers believe their bosses are a major cause of stress at work. However, most of them would not leave the job. Statistics show that employees get used to their jobs despite the fact that they are unhappy. This further complicates their process of resignation as they are no longer motivated to se…

Is Golf Still Fun?

When did people stop having fun on the golf course?

I ask this question because my observations lead me to believe that over half the people who I see at the golf course are there to be miserable.

When I ask, most people are unhappy about their game, which usually provides me an opportunity to give a lesson or two. However, a fair number just want to co…

Childhood Memories

Have you ever reunited with someone you spent almost every school day with from the ages of 5 – 16?

Do you have that one childhood memory of a friend who always made you feel special?

Have you ever sat back & thought of your years in elementary school when life was innocent & your only worry was finding the best chain or stone for hopscotch or ho…

Signs That Your Marriage Is in Trouble

Power couples (think: Prince William and Kate Middleton) have in-sync walking patterns. The goal is for couples to walk with their feet side by side on an invisible line. When this walking pattern is disrupted, it indicates that there is disconnect between the couple.

Eyes tell a story about one’s relationship. When you’re sexually attracted to so…

Why I Write
A blank piece of paper is God’s way of telling us how hard it to be God.

– Sidney Sheldon

This quote is what comes to mind every time I think about what I should write as my next article. I’ve come to the conclusion that not everything has to be polished, well thought out or even good. In this parti...

Cost Effective Date Night Idea – $5 Movies!

My wife and I have recently made a new weekly tradition on Tuesdays… $5 movie night at one of the local AMC theaters around our apartment in Chicago!

A bit of quick history on AMC Entertainment: AMC is the largest movie theater operator in the world, owning or operating more than 1,000 movie theaters and 11,000 screens in 15 countries. Over the past…

Counting Your Macros

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Counting your Macros”? 

This was something I heard all around the fitness community since diving deep into the world of health consciousness and weight lifting. 

But I never really understood what it meant or what it entailed. 

Finally, after numerous fitness mentors made mention to ‘macros’ in each and every one of t…

Choose Your Pain!

“There are two types of pain, one that hurts you and the other that changes you.” Unknown

You and I have a CHOICE to make. Not just today, but with every waking moment of every day. We all have to CHOOSE OUR PAIN!

Yet, choosing the pain is not enough. We also must choose at what level of pain are we willing to live with when i...

Mamma’s Boy!

We’ve all heard a version of this phrase, “Behind every great man there is strong woman!” I have to disagree with this saying. I believe that behind every great man there are two strong women.

Quill Cloud

This past Sunday we celebrated our “m…


A small turquoise bird is born. Overflowing with love from his mother.  One day the baby bird must learn to fly. He perches up to the edge of his nest, looks out, and feels confident that today is the day he will learn to fly.   He leaps out and for a moment, feels like nothing will set him back. Expanding his wings, heart beating a mile a minute to end up spiralling d…

Beware of the Mouse Traps in life!!

Reading Time; 30 seconds

Now and again life throws stuff at you that you just didn’t see coming.. People you loved and trusted.. People that you thought you knew but subsequently found at that you obviously didn’t  know them.

We are all striving for what is best for us and our families but do we do so at the cost of our reputation?? Do we…

Review: Born A Crime

​This book is a collection of essays by Trevor Noah about his life growing up in South Africa. There are lots of gems in this book that will make you laugh, cry, and wonder about what strength was involved in living during that time.

​In one part Trevor records a conversation between his grandmother and his mother. Trevor and his cousins were being naughty and when g…

Just Shoot Me

My cheeks burn and the blister on my heel oozes, as I peel the backing off a Band-Aid. Paparazzi and stilettos. It’s not as easy as it looks. I wonder if this is how the Kardashians got started.

My good friend, Stacey, talented writer and photographer, agreed to take some head shots to use for my “social media presence,” you know, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YikYak….

Celebrating Fénix

Fénix was his name. My grandmother never told me why she chose to name her son Fénix with a Spanish spelling. Or was it Fénix’s own father who chose his name? His friends would call him “Mèt Fé”, creole for Master Fé, a reference to his few years (or months?) of teaching elementary school in Haiti in the early 70s. He loved to drink, he loved women, he loved crossword puzzl...

Home Vibes – Where Do You Get Your Fix?

The Feeling of Home

What’s that to you? I’m writing from thousands of feet up, en flight from Missouri. I was born and raised and then frolicked on my own in the Show Me State for the first 29 years of my life. When I think of home, it’s actually not so much about the places, things, people, exact memories, but it’s a feeling. A feeling of warmth…

Three who Refused the Label of Failure

Three who Refused the Label of Failure 

Image from Pixabay


The band: Johnny and the Moondogs, AKA The Quarrymen went through name changes before they settled on the name they became known by. Stu Sutcliffe, Tommy Moore, and Pete Best dropped in and out before the band before they settled on the permanent members. Band members swapped instrume...


Whenever I hear that nagging voice whispering in my ear telling me that I can’t do something, I remind myself of my senior year in college. 

I was working on my final project— a 3-D animation project that was not working out to my liking. It was mostly due to the old technology and the outdated 3-D programs the school still used and what I wanted to achieve the t…

In the Moment

Last night I was hurrying across my backyard when I noticed the sunset. I stopped in my tracks to admire it. Then I began thinking, how many times am I too rushed to even notice? Or conversely, when I notice I feel I must take photos, and get over-involved in that rather than the beauty.  

How many times do we simply stop and enjoy the moment? (Yes, I’m laughing at…

Pardon My French

My fascination with all things French began at an early age, upon learning the origin of my ancestors. I named my new puppy, a French poodle, Pierre François Dubois. I picked out swirly French Provincial style drawer pulls for the dresser my dad refinished for me when I claimed the bedroom my older brothers vacated. Pierre chewed the corners of every drawer he could dig h…

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

John was one of my football players. When I gave him that, “toughen up,” speech, as coaches tend to do, I saw more bobble head doll than hard-nosed football player. Fast-forward a couple of years. John came to play baseball for me. He had grown a little but he was still very thin and without the shoulder pads, there was just not much to him. He was anything but physically i…