This Week in Literature

Do you celebrate the passing of time with the turning of pages? Then we got you! We’ve curated this week’s hottest scoops for you concerning book news, author insights and everything you need to know.


This is “This Week in Literature”


    • Banned Books Week: This week America is celebrating all the books that have been censored, challenged or banned throughout history. The “American Library Association” hopes to promote community among all ‘bookish people’ – including readers, librarians, booksellers, publishers, journalists and more. Together we can draw attention to the detriment of censorship, and celebrate literature. You can do your part by participating in the conversation!
    • Jessica Williams New TV Show: Jessica Williams is living all of our dreams as she is JK Rowling’s new best friend, and has attained status as a successful writer, director and actress. She is adding more hype to her name with the announcement of a new show she is writing for the Showtime network, where she will play an up and coming Sci-Fi writer in Brooklyn, NY. The speculation is that she is will be borrowing some inspiration from author N.K. Jemison’s life story- so more on this as it unfolds!
    • Not Afraid of the Fall: Get ready for the new Eat, Pray, Love of today, as Kyle James’ book takes the world by storm. James and his girlfriend, Ashley Grigsby, quit their jobs back in 2015 to travel the world, and live life together. After 114 days of travelling, 15 different countries, and one marriage proposal the book is out now!
    • Author Annie Proulx: The acclaimed author of works such as Brokeback Mountain and Pulitzer Prize winner, The Shipping News has one new honor to add to her list. She will be receiving a ‘National Book Award Medal: for Lifetime Achievement.’ The author is blown away by the honor, which she will receive on November 15, in a special ceremony. Anne Hathaway, who starred in the movie version of Brokeback Mountain will present Proulx with the award.
    • Author Chad Harbach Lawsuit: The Art of Fielding was released in 2011, and has come under scrutiny by an unpublished author alleging drastic similarities to a previous text he wrote. Bucks 9th has never been published, but author Charles C. Greene alleges he has time stamped documents of the similar work, written earlier. This story is likely to stay tied up in the courts for sometime, though it’s unclear which way the courts may swing.
    • Hillary Clinton: Clinton’s new book What Happened was released on September 12, and has already reached critical acclaim. The book has sold over 300,000 copies since the launch, and will continue to climb. It has seen the highest sales on its launch week of any non-fiction book in the last five years.
    • My Immortals Fan-fiction author revealed: Over ten years ago the now-famous Harry Potter fanfiction, My Immortals, was released online by an author known as “Tara Gilesbie”. It has since gone on to become a cultural touchstone for Potterheads, and spawned Youtube series, dramatic readings and much more. The author was anonymous, but has finally stepped out of the shadows to claim her work. Rose Christo has been identified as the writer, and she is set to release a forthcoming memoir titled Under the Same Stars, which dives into her life in foster care, escaping child abuse, and writing My Immortals. Fan’s are looking forward to learning more about her, and supporting her career.
    • Author Danielle Steel’s Desk: This author has created a truly zen environment to get work done. Steel works on a custom made desk, shaped to look like a stack of her best sellers, and she works on a 71-year-old typewriter, which she has written 163 books on. Check out her space for the other interesting decor, including inspirational quotes and art made by her nine children.
    • Forrest Fenn’s New Memoir: Fenn has been made famous for his buried treasure that has sparked explorations across the Rocky Mountains. His new memoir will be out in November, and fans are clamoring to see if there will be any additional clues as to the whereabouts of the treasure- so, stay tuned for the reveal later this fall!
    • A Man Called Ove: This Swedish phenom is getting an English adaptation, starring Tom Hanks as the curmudgeonly ‘Ove.’ The book received international attention, and was a best seller. The new adaptation is set to begin production shortly!
    • Netflix’s New Art Direction: Tom Yellin, the “Innovation Boss” of Netflix has set a course for making their shows “more like books.” He said they want episodes to feel like chapters, and for the story to come together as a whole (versus stand alone “episodes”).
    • West Texas Book Festival: Last week authors and readers gathered to celebrate Texas literature, and more – including one of GoRead’s own, Tiffany Harelik. Harelik spoke about cookbooks, Texas and more, and made some new friends along the way. Author Jeff Guinn was also in attendance, and received “The A.C. Greene Award”, which is awarded to an outstanding Texas author each year.
    • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The illustrated edition is coming out this October! Fan’s are excited to add this copy to their shelves, alongside the two previous illustrated copies. This gem will feature an amazing illuminated illustration of ‘The Marauders Map’ that you can find a sneak peek of online.
    • Turtles All the Way Down: John Green’s latest book comes out on October 22nd, and fan’s are getting pumped! Check out his YouTube channel for a video of him reading chapter one!
    • The Book of Mormon: We don’t mean the musical. The ACTUAL Book of Mormon sold this week for over $35M. There was an original manuscript dictated by Joseph Smith, that was owned by Community of Christ.  It went to auction and The Church of Latter-day Saints purchased it, making it the most expensive manuscript ever auctioned.





Those are this week’s highlights, in a nutshell. Did you follow any of that trending news? What was your favorite story of the week? Be sure to check back for next week’s rundown. Until then, keep reading, writing and being awesome!