This Week in Literature for November 5th-11th

Do you celebrate the passing of time with the turning of pages? Then we’ve got you! We’ve curated this week’s hottest scoops for you, concerning book news, author insights and everything you need to know.

This is “This Week in Literature” for November 5th – 11th


    • Electric Lit Bodega-Writing Series: The website Electric Lit is counteracting a movement that has taken people away from Bodegas- neighborhood staples. Check out their blog to hear from Authors on why Bodegas matter!
    • Letters About Literature Contest: The Library of Congress has kicked off its 25th annual contest, encouraging young people to write letters to authors (alive or dead) for prizes! Check it out now.
    • Pablo Neruda’s Death Mystery: Neruda’s body has recently been exhumed, and a panel has ruled his death as inconclusive. He died back in 1973, presumably from cancer, though that is now being reevaluated. Was he murdered? We’ll have to stay tuned to see how this mystery plays out!
    • JD Salinger New Works?: Fans have been expecting some new books out of the Salinger estate, based on previous claims, but we may be waiting indefinitely. Check out this trending story!
    • John Hodgeman’s New Book: Hodgeman has a new part-comedy, part-memoir book out to keep you smiling, and feeling all the feels. Check it out now!
    • Seattle becomes a UNESCO City of Literature: this distinction has been bestowed upon only 1 other city in the United States, and only 28 total cities in the world. To meet the criteria, each city makes a commitment to developing a shared network strategy, fostering the exchange of information, encouraging global partnerships and promoting creativity and culture.
    • Tom Hanks Attends Texas Book Festival (and makes dreams come true): after Hanks gave a talk, he set up a mega-fan for a very monumental event: a marriage proposal. At the end of the Q&A portion of the event, Hanks read one last question from Ryan McFarling. “ the question was for Nikki Young, Will you marry me.” Young was shocked and excited, and of course she said yes. The two took photos with Hanks afterward, to commemorate the day forever.


  • The Haunting of Hill House is being Adapted: Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hill House” has been terrifying readers for the last 60 years. a few adaptations have happened over the years, and Netflix is taking the next stab  at it. The book will be made into a 10-part limited series, in the works now.
  • A Collegiate Class on Harry Potter is Happening:  Professor Laurie Johnson has created a course for the lover of the wizarding world, at the University of Illinois. Students can now sign up for “The Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures’ Harry Potter and Western Culture Class”, which  gives students a chance to read and discuss all seven books and compare them to today’s culture.
  • Singer Sam Smith Draws Inspiration from Literature:  Six time grammy nominee Sam Smith recently opened up about the inspiration behind his new song, titled “Him”, from his latest LP. The British singer said the song was inspired by the text, “Holding the Man,” which explored the story of two men who fell in love at their all-boys Catholic school in Australia, during the AIDS epidemic.


  • Harry Potter Themed Study Abroad Program: Every Potterheads dream come true: two weeks in Scotland and England gallivanting through the wizarding world. Check out the deets, from De Paul University!
  • Diagon Alley Recreation: The coolest (muggle) dad EVER has created a Diagon Alley replica you can visit, just outside of Seattle. Check it out!
  • Lord of the Rings TV Show in the Works: LOTR fan’s are having mixed feelings about this prospect, but it sounds like it’s happening. Check out the preliminary details now!
  • 2017 Fantasy Awards: This year’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy awards season has ended— check out some of the top winners, including Claire North, who took the top prize for her work The Sudden Appearance of Hope.


Those are this week’s highlights, in a nutshell. Did you follow any of that trending news? What was your favorite story of the week?

ALSO: November is a big month for book releases- so be sure to check out the onslaught of highly anticipated books coming to a shelf near you.


Be sure to check back for next week’s rundown. Until then… keep reading, writing and being awesome!