This Week in Literature: December 24th-December 30th

Do you celebrate the passing of time with the turning of pages? Then we’ve got you! We’ve curated this week’s hottest scoops for you concerning book news, author insights, and everything you need to know. Thank you for joining us in 2017 for all your literary musings: we have big plans for 2018, and are excited to ring in the new year!


This is “This Week in Literature” for December 24th-30th


  • Struggling with Writing Projects?: Bustle has 11 tips on how to stay focused, and get your writing projects done in 2018! Check it out for some motivation.
  • What did we do to deserve James Patterson: Patterson is a prolific writer, and apparently among the kindest of humans. He recently donated some funds to a local bookstore.
  • Valuable Comic Books have been stolen: Police are searching for some suspects in a $20,000 theft that occurred recently in Rhode Island. Check out the suspects, and please contact the police department with any info!
  • Make your IG Feed more Bookish: Bustle has a top 10-bookish Instagram Feeds list right now, and you need to go follow them! Check it out to bring some magic to your feed.
  • The Goldfinch: Casting is underway for this upcoming adaptation of the award winner “The Goldfinch”- follow the details as they emerge!
  • Experimental Thrillers to add to your list: The Guardian has a ‘Top 10’ list out right now, counting down experimental thrillers you need to add to your library stat!


Those are this week’s highlights, in a nutshell. Did you follow any of this trending news? What was your favorite story of the week?


ALSO: Be sure to check out these year end books! 2018 is bringing the heat with new releases, so stay tuned for future recommendations as well!



Be sure to check back for next week’s rundown. Until then… keep reading, writing and being awesome!