This Week in Literature

Do you celebrate the passing of time with the turning of pages? Then we’ve got you! We’ve curated this week’s hottest scoops for you concerning book news, author insights and everything you need to know.


This is “This Week in Literature” for October 01-07


  • Tana French Adaptation: Popular Mystery and Thriller writer, Tana French, has cut a deal with BBC One to bring her “Dublin Murder Squad” book series to the screen. Filming will begin next year, so readers better get caught up now!
  • 2017 Short List: The short list for the National Book Awards are out now. There are some upsets (i.e. Angie Thomas’s break out YA novel, The Hate you Give, did not make the cut), but there are some strong books present. Check out the lists and stack your TBR list now!
  • Don’t Assign Certain Classics Too Early: A vice principal goes out on a limb and says he doesn’t agree with assigning classics to kids too early. Check out his plea to wait and give kids room to accept and love the best of the best.
  • Howler for Auction: A beloved Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets prop is up for auction. The letter, envelope and an autographed photo of actor Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) is expected to fetch upwards of 5,000£ at auction. Check it out before it’s gone!
  • “IT” Sequel Greenlit: The eponymous “IT” will return in 2019, with the “Losers Club” all grown up. The hot gossip surrounds future casting calls. Who do you think should be cast for the “Losers Club” roles?
  • National Book Month: October marks National Book Month, and there are so many ways to celebrate! What will you be doing to spread your love of literature?
  • Astro Poets: Famous on Twitter for modernizing astrology, two poets & authors are bringing their words to the page with a forthcoming book about life, love, and all things astrology. Get the deets now!
  • Inkitt Publishing: The Berlin-based publisher has recruited some funds and built an algorithm that they think will disrupt the publishing industry. They believe their technology helps them identify best-selling potential in books, and will lead them to “the next JK Rowling.” So, writers, better get your pens ready, because they are on a mission!
  • Nobel Prize in Literature: This week Kazuo Ishiguro has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, much to his surprise (and delight). Check out some of his most popular works, and stay tuned for his lecture, to be delivered sometime over the next year.
  • National Book Award Shortlist: The shortlist is out, and there are some upsets — most notably Angie Thomas, author of The Hate U Give. Check out the 5 finalists in each category, and build your TBR list with these current gems.
  • How Critics Read Books: The New York Times has an article out detailing how critics look at books. Check out this interview with a book critic and see what goes into the process.
  • October – EOY Publishing Push: October is a big month to get books on the shelves, before holiday season and before award nominations are closed. Check out our article where we detail how October is a big month, and some of the big releases you can look forward to this month!
  • “Christmas Showdown:” This Christmas season will be heated for authors attempting to top Bestseller lists. Favorited for the top spot is Philip Pullman and John Green, both of whom haven’t published books in quite some time. Who do you think will end up on top? Let us know!
  • Hemingway Unpublished Short Story: Ernest Hemingway’s Key West, Florida home was, thankfully, left standing after Hurricane Irma. It’s especially good news, since there is a secret, unpublished manuscript tucked away inside. Are you guys excited for a new Hemingway?


Those are this week’s highlights, in a nutshell. Did you follow any of that trending news? What was your favorite story of the week?


ALSO: October is a big month for book releases- so be sure to check out the onslaught of highly anticipated books coming to a shelf near you — such as: Dan Brown’s Origin, John Green’s Turtles All The Way Down, Rick Riordan’s The Ship of the Dead, Jennifer Egan’s Manhattan Beach and Philip Pullman’s La Belle Sauvage and so many others!


Be sure to check back for next week’s rundown. Until then… keep reading, writing and being awesome!