Make Everyday Mother’s Day

Don’t forget that this Sunday is Mother’s Day. Mothers have a profound influence on their children in shaping who they are, what interests they pursue, and more. The best gift you can give to your mom is time to make memories, according to Jennifer Bright Reich.

A Family Who Reads
“I truly believe that lifelong readers are created, not born,” said Jill Barletti, author and speaker. Children can develop language skills long before being able to speak, they can also develop literacy skills before being able to read, according to the National Research Council. Barletti began reading to her kids when they were still in the womb. Reading aloud to young children stimulate language and cognitive skills, build motivation, curiosity and memory, according to Bardige, B. Talk to Me, Baby!

Inspired by her mother’s love of reading, Hillary Tubin the Founder of Boy Responsive Literacy Consulting became a teacher. Tubin’s mission is to share the love of the written word and inspire her students to become readers like her mom inspired her. “She always let me read whatever I wanted, never making me feel like my reading tastes weren’t good enough.”

Encourage children to read by having dedicated family reading times and regular library trips. “Give children ownership of their books by letting them choose their own books,” said Haji Marie, M.E.d Educational Consultant.

The Importance of Reading
Reading is a fundamental skill for all subject areas and is important for success, according to Marie. Reading also helps a person think and reflect, which are qualities needed for navigating life, according to Avril McDonald, teacher and author of the Feel Brave book series. As a child, McDonald was a reluctant reader and still finds it difficult to read, yet she became an author because of her mother’s encouragement in her literary efforts.

Honoring Mom after Life
“Let’s not forget how hard Mother’s Day can be for those who have lost their moms,” said Susan Bernardo of Inner Flower Child Books. Bernardo suggested the picture book Sun Kisses, Moon Hugs for comforting children and to help them feel connected to the mother they loved and lost. Mother’s Day is a perfect time to reassure those who have lost their moms, that a mother’s love is as powerful and infinite as the moon and the stars, according to Bernardo.

This Mother’s Day, Reich is planning on donating books to her local little library in her mother’s honor. Her mother was a quick reader who borrowed books from the library in stacks. A mom herself, Reich considers one of her biggest accomplishments is encouraging her kids to be readers.