GoRead Sponsoring Author 101 University in Los Angeles

GoRead is currently in Los Angeles, California this week meeting up and coming authors at Author 101 University. This is the premier event for marketing and publishing success that will be from April 6-8, 2017. Attending authors who are in the process of finishing, publishing and promoting their book will have access to all the right subject matter experts of publishing. Those experts specialize in marketing, public relations, branding, publishing, product delivery, and business.

“On top of the fantastic networking opportunity, there was a wealth of knowledge passed on that was beyond any price paid to attend this event,” said past attendee Jayme Harris.

Get Your Book Published
Questions will be answered about agents, publishers, and accomplishing goals without financial strain and pain.

A past attendee of the event Phil Glosserman said, “I think my biggest takeaway was that I got inspired to take action in certain areas where I’ve procrastinated because I simply didn’t know the specific steps to take.”

Learn the Secrets of Becoming a Best-Selling Author
GoRead Founder and CEO Ken Dunn will be speaking about “The Secret to Selling More Books.” Authors will learn how to build a bigger following and earn more royalties without having to stress over sales or marketing.

During the conference, authors will learn how to publicize themselves and their books. Everyone will learn how to create promotional materials, media kits, and more. Industry experts will teach authors:
–   How to handle major media relations
–   Become a go to expert in his/her respective field
–   Capture leads and sales by learning how to up-sell, and cross-sell

If you can not attend the conference, and are an author looking to sell more books sign up for this live webinar First1000Books.

Tune in on GoRead next week to gain extra insights in this year’s conference.