Authors, Writers and Marketers Come Together to Learn How to Sell More Books

Authors can be entrepreneurs, teachers, business owners, and enthusiasts from all backgrounds. GoRead met inspiring authors at Author 101 University in Los Angeles last week. Authors came ready to learn how to market their books, gain publicity, improve their writing skills and grow. Attendees included financial advisors, independent truckers, educators, spiritual leaders, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and students.

Find Your Expertise and Passion
Multiple authors shared their ideas on what they are currently writing and why they choose their specific topic. We asked Business & Commercial Lending Expert Ambro Blackwell why he’s writing a book, he stated: “Leveraging my book will help extend myself much further and replicate myself.” Blackwell shared his intent is to help his clients grow their business, while helping them succeed.

Build Your Brand
The power of engagement is a digital disruption which is changing everything, according to Founder of “As Seen on TV,” Kevin Harrington. Harrington spoke about the importance of digital marketing and suggested that authors use LinkedIn, join targeted groups, and engage with peers and top contributors.

Author Kevin Ward has a YouTube channel with 29,555 subscribers, and spoke about brand building on YouTube. As the number two search engine behind Google, YouTube gives an individual or brand the ability to be everywhere at once, all the time, according to Ward.

Improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of content by having a descriptive and concise title, and description. When addressing your audience, and creating content, Ward shared these authentic qualities to consider:
1. Generosity – Give the best of you. People want to know that you are real.
2. Give the best of your content.
3. Give the best of your content, period.

Multiple authors asked: “When is the right time to start building your brand?” The right response is that it is never too early. Building your brand builds your credibility and your visibility. Ward attributed the success of his book “The Book of YES: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide” to his YouTube channel and shared reviews in which people said they bought his book because they enjoyed watching his YouTube channel.

Leverage Your Connections
Chicks Connect Founder Jewels Muller, shared that leveraging networks helps authors get their message and book out within their own community.  “Identify what associations you belong to, and look to see if there are any member benefits that could help you network,” said Muller. Learn which businesses are in your networks, if they have newsletters and if you can help provide content for the newsletter.

Find a Support Group
Support groups provide a key piece that is often missing from individuals, the opportunity to celebrate each other’s success. Not just when your project is finished or when your goal is reached, but along the way. “Step by step actions set towards attaining your goals are held accountable by a support group. This helps to build a habit of success,” said Muller.

There are multiple communities, networks, local groups, online and in-person that authors can join to make connections. Chicks Connect offers more than a membership, it’s a movement dedicated to inspiring women to grow personally and professional by connecting, supporting and encouraging one another. Members can join existing groups or create new chapters to gain inspiration, accountability, love, fun and support.