Indy Author Book Sales & Fulfillment Program

At GoRead, we love independent authors. The world of books has changed forever. More and more authors are decided to take control of their books and keep more money. Additionally, there are more books then ever being published today.

Through our Indy Author Book Sales & Fulfillment program, you have the ability to create a highly effective book page, market your book to our community and sell it. You get to keep complete control of what your book page looks like, how it is marketed and what the retail price of your work is. When a book sells, we will collect the money from the customer and send you a notification to ship the book. Your job is to ship the book to the customer within 24 hours of receiving our notification. After you send out the order, simple log into your orders page and update the order with appropriate tracking information.

GoRead offers the most aggressive royalty book sales platform to independent authors, giving you as much as 77% of the retail price of the sale. Our program has 2 tiers, if you receive an order, ship it & update you order page with tracking information within 24 hours, then you will receive 77% of the retail price. If you exceed the 24 hour mark, then you royalties will be 73% on that order. All royalties are paid 45 days after the last day of the month in which the order is fulfilled. This delayed payment system is necessary to cover any potential returns or mailing challenges.

On the 15th of each month, the royalty distribution date, you will receive a full report of all sales and royalties, along with your royalty payment. Please make sure that your banking information is accurate in your profile so that there are no delays in getting you your money. Also, it is incredibly important that you keep your inventory levels accurate and list your book as “Out of Stock” in the event of temporary issues.

It is important for you to understand this program. GoRead is allowing you to become a reseller of your works with no monthly fee or commitment. Other online retailers will only give you this privilege after you agree to a monthly fee. These fees can range from $20-$100 per month. We want your books in GoRead. We want to help you sell more books & create more fans.

3 Warning Systems:

At GoRead, our community is the most important part. We expect you to be prompt in your order fulfillment and to ship the customer only new quality works. All books must be published and have an assigned ISBN. The books must also be new and unused. We will do our best to help you to operate efficiently and accurately. We cannot, however, condone negative behaviour, slow or inaccurate shipping. Whenever there is a delay in shipping, you are responsible to advise us as soon as possible, so that we can advise the customer. If the delay is longer then 48 hours without feedback from you, we will refund the customer and advise. If we receive complaints or negative feedback about a book, shipping or an order, we will issue you an email warning. If you receive 3 warnings, your account will be suspended until the challenge is fixed.

Get your book into our Litcoin™ system!

Here at GoRead, we are changing the way people buy books with Litcoins™. When people create accounts, add their books, follow their friends, becomes fans of their favourite authors, make posts, share links, etc, they get award badges and accumulate Litcoins™ in their banks. They can use the Litcoins to buy books. This is an incredible value add for our community and we want you to take advantage of it.

If you would like your book included in the Litcoin system, be sure to check the include my book in the Litcoin program box in the registration page. We will assign a Litcoin value to your book so that people can use their Litcoins to buy it. You will still be paid a royalty based on the US price.

In order to cover the cost of this benefit, an additional 5% will be deducted from you royalties. GoRead reserves the right to decide on how Litcoin™ value is created for your book. With Litcoins, your book will get more attention.

Steps to getting started:
  • Step 1: - Create an author page
  • Step 2: - Add your book
  • Step 3: - Create an ad and drive traffic to your book page.

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