GoRead Children’s Literacy

These statistics have not changed in the past 10 years!

  • 14 percent of Americans are considered Illiterate.
  • 36 percent of people worldwide can’t read at an 8th grade level in their native language.
  • 85 percent of people who commit criminal offences in the United States are considered to be illiterate.
  • Over 19 percent of all high school graduates in the United States cannot read.
  • There is a direct link between literacy, crime, poverty and divorce.
How do we fix this?

The best way is to give every child in the world the chance to learn that reading is cool!

The mission of the GoRead Children’s Literacy Fund is to provide much-needed funding to not-for-profit organizations around the world, whose mandate involves giving children the motivation to read, the desire to read and the ability to read.

Henceforth, in October of every year, the Fund will receive applications (see terms and conditions below to learn details of applications criteria) from qualifying parties for funding. All applications will be assessed by a private review committee.

The successful applicants will be notified in December of every year, and will be invited to attend the annual GoRead Choice Awards & Writer’s Conference the following April. At the RLCA, the recipients will be presented with their grant in front of our audience of authors, publishing industries executives and the media.

The recipients will also be invited to a special press conference and to exhibit their organizations during the course of the GRCA event.

In order to apply:
  • The applicant representative must be a good standing member of http://goread.com
  • The GoRead Children’s Literacy Fund donates money to organizations whose budgets are designed so that no more than 20 percent of funds collected go toward the management of the organization.
  • The applicant must be a recognized/organized not-for-profit in their home country.
  • No single organization will receive more than $50,000 USD.
  • None of the funds received can be used to cover overhead, employees’ salaries or any type of management fees. 100 percent of the funds must be used in the defined activity.
  • Applications will only be accepted in the form of self-explanatory presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote.
  • The application presentation must include the history of the organization, mandate of the organization, success to date in helping eradicate children’s literacy issues, the amount of funding being sought, the intended use of the funds, the expected return on the investment, and a timeline for the results of the investment to be measured.