The Skill Set Tipping Point

Shawna Thompson
My life's goal is to empower others to take positive action in their lives!

Feb 27,2017

One of the best and most challenging things about being an entrepreneur at any level is the opportunity to learn new things.

There’s always new technologies to learn, new strategies to consider, new skills to master.

There are moments, I’m not going to lie… that it feels like I’ve traded one hamster wheel for another…

What else do I need to learn before I’ve made some head way?

But there is something really magical about hitting the tipping point on a skill set.

Everything new is so… cumbersome at the beginning… but if I look back on the things I’ve learned over the last year alone… it’s shocking how much you can accomplish!

Funny little things like… how to create a master slide for a power point presentation… I had no idea that was a thing!

Do you know up until… well a week ago or so, I was styling each slide… INDIVIDUALLY! 

Can you imagine how time consuming it was to put together large presentations… not to mention the affect on my overall creativity in my projects!

Just this small little tweak… this tiny tiny tipping point has shifted me into a content producing machine!

Yesterday I created the slides for an entire module for a coarse I’m developing!

There’s so much joy in a moment when you realise that the… “not giving up” of it all was actually worth it.

And… you know what’s even more fun (to me anyways)… sharing what I’ve learned with others so they can TAKE OFF faster and have success sooner!

I love that business is such a team sport!

Yeah hooray for the tipping point!

So let me ask you… what skill are you working on?

What’s on your “to be learned” list?

I’m going to spend a little time pumping out content with my new mad skills… but I’d hate to get rusty… so let me know… what’s next on the learning as an entrepreneur agenda? 

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