The Gift of Caring for Yourself First

Melissa Dobson
Melissa is a self-taught student of today’s modern spiritual teachers, loves to write mantras.

Mar 14,2017

Rituals created from your deepest desires will transform your life. By prioritizing the feelings you want to experience, and creating the sacred time and space to allow your heart to guide you toward the subtle shifts needed, your days will unfold in the direction of your dreams.

Allow yourself the gift of extreme self-care. It’s counterintuitive, not supported by our do-more, you’re-not-enough culture. Several months in to a year built upon creating my desired feelings and my own self-healing, I can tell you that all of the fear and discomfort that initially grips at us when we consider prioritizing our own well-being will dissipate in time.

Those who are meant to be in our lives and truly love us will be there and will benefit from our renewed self. Those who only look to us for support and energy but rarely returned it will fall away…to create space for more quality time with those closest to us, our front row people as meditation master davidji calls them.

This is the loving, nourishing life that we are here to live. Trust…trust that your heart will always lead you to the people, places, and opportunities where your unique gifts are most needed and appreciated. When fear visits, shift your attention to trusting the divine guidance you’re always receiving.

Open your heart. Breathe. Namaste’🙏

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