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Mar 03,2018

I LOVE ELEPHANTS! I always have! So, in 2017 when I learned that a dear friend of mine, Alyson, was planning to take a group to Chang Mai, Thailand to actually spend a week volunteering at an Elephant Nature Park (ENP) I did not hesitate. I was going.

This I was certain about.

What I did not know was how this trip would change me on so many levels…and that I would return a completely different person than I was before I left.

NO Kidding!

What an adventure! And the heart of this adventure was the volunteering at the park, which is a home, an awe inspiring sanctuary, for more than 70 abused, traumatized, endangered elephants. Now living a life of freedom, safety, and full of love.

All the animals at ENP (hundreds of cats and dogs as well) are rescued. This is due largely because of its founder, Sangdeaun “Lek” Chailert, who has devoted her life to freeing animals from harm. While visiting the park, I had the privilege to hear her speak and to meet her. She is the epitome of us humans in the highest form.

Lek embodies devotion, love, compassion, and dedication. She is a living example of the magic of  “the power of one”.

Every day, our group served and assisted in the various chores. We unloaded and washed trucks full of watermelon, and pumpkin. We prepared rice balls for the elephants….one of their favorite treats.

We not only fed them, but also cleaned their water tanks (where the elephants drank), had the opportunity to bathe them in the river, while getting bathed ourselves soaking wet from the water. But it was so worth it!

We also got to observe the elephants enjoy a mud bath….Never have I seen such bliss and joy emanate from an animal.

And yes, our group even scooped their poo!  

These gentle giants literally touched my heart and made my spirit soar. To witness such joy daily as each one was allowed to just BE and finally live a life free from any more physical pain or emotional trauma.

There were so many lessons, but I think the greatest one these beautiful, gentle giants taught me was that you can prevail no matter what. That nothing is impossible.

I went on a 29 hour journey from Montreal, and 3 plane changes, to spend time with rescued elephants in Northern Thailand and to be able to give a little piece of myself…. some human compassion, love, and understanding. In return, I felt exalted by being in their presence, EVERY SINGLE MOMENT.

I may have ventured out alone but met a wonderful group of people with whom I shared a spiritual awakening and am so honored and humbled to call my lifelong friends.

For more information about ENP go to:

For more information about Lek go to:

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