Clean Up To Move Up

Carolyn Owens
Carolyn R. Owens is the Chairwoman and CEO of Infinity Coaching, Inc.

Apr 22,2017

 “No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.” ~ Proverb

 There are so many different things that come up in our lives. Things that we struggle with but you know something new will come, tomorrow will come, spring will come. During the winter months we often shut ourselves in, almost hiding ourselves from the world. I know I tend to hibernate during the winter not getting out as much as I should. During this time many people don’t experience much growth, well not directly. I look at this time as a time of cleansing. The ground is clearing itself and everything is getting ready for the fresh start and renewing that comes with spring.

 Studies have shown spring is most peoples favorite season. April showers bring may flowers and you hear the music of the birds chirping once again. One thing I have already started to see is people taking longer walks with their dogs. Yes, people are starting to get outside more.

 Spring is a time were we are awakening ourselves and saying we are ready for something new. You may be seeing a lot of articles or newsletters in your inbox about spring cleaning. Most of these articles focus on getting your home in order and you start thinking about vacuuming and dusting in places you may have not dusted in months. You may have changed the batteries in smoke detectors or you’re spending time cleaning out your closet, putting winter clothes away, or maybe even doing a thorough cleaning of your refrigerator.

 You are spending a lot of time refreshing and awakening your home, but what about other areas of your life? These are areas we tend to neglect and not pay much attention to. By taking our spring cleaning a few steps further we can experience some shifts that will allow us to spring forward in our professional and personal lives. Here are three areas you can start with.

1. Revisit Your Goals. April marked the beginning of the second quarter of the New Year. This is a great time to refocus and really take a hard, fresh look at your goals. Are you where you want to be? Where are you in terms of how you want to achieve your goals and how you want to live your life? If you are not heading in the direction you want to go in, take time to reassess your goals and action plan. What changes can you make? Do you need to modify your goals? Do you even have the right goals? What resources are available to you now that weren’t available during the winter months? Take time to review and adjust and take advantage of all that spring has to offer.

2. Get Personal. As you take time to review your goals, don’t just focus on the professional side of life. Take time to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself a few tough questions. Self-awareness is key to success in all areas of life. Consider taking a personality assessment to raise your self-awareness. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) identifies how you prefer to interact with the world and the people who engage with, both personally AND professionally.

 The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment helps you understand if you are in true alignment with your true desire and goals and, if not, how do you get there. It assess your level of awareness and engagement in many areas of your life, also personal AND professional. I am certified to administer both the MBTI and ELI and have seen clients achieve amazing insight from these assessments. If you would like more information about the MBTI or ELI assessments please email me at cowens@ or visit the Infinity Coaching website.

3. Health and wellness. Did you set New Years Resolutions or goals around health and wellness? Now is a good time to assess how you are progressing on these goals. If you find yourself stuck and not making progress, what can you do to refresh your workout? Can you start exercising outdoors? With the weather change you have access to different fruits and vegetables. Consider making and trying a new healthy dish. Do you need to get checkups that you haven’t scheduled yet or may be avoiding? Go ahead and schedule the prostate exam, mammogram or get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked – whatever appointment you need to make, Go Make It! The better you feel, the more focused and motivated you’ll be to reach your goals.

  While you are doing your spring cleaning, take time to thing about other areas of your life you may have been neglecting. Start with these three steps so you can raise your self-awareness and begin to make shifts in your life. As we continue enjoying the spring season, continue to follow my blog as I share more ways you can clean up so you can move forward in your career, business and life! 

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