Angels Walk Upon the Earth

Anna Berlinger
I thrive on fantasy. It shows me the tricks of spiritual warfare and how dragons may be slain!

Dec 05,2017

Angels walk upon the earth

As sure as sun on earth does shine

As steady as the river’s course,

Their presence touches every life.


Across the dirt-strewn ground, she floats

Tall and regal, as a queen

With graceful air and covered hair:

Cut from Heaven’s cloth, her veil


Sister to the world

The earth, the sea, and skies

Mother to the poor

And anyone who cries


I gaze upon her precious face,

This summary of charity.

Within her smiling eyes, I see

Mirrored, Blessed Mother’s Soul


I gaze and long to live like she

Whose hands bear marks of giving love.

Through her, God’s gift, I now can know

That angels walk upon the earth.

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