Walking On Fire- Why I Did It and You Should Too!

Human Connections

Jul 26,2018

Those who are familiar with Tony Robbins knows that walking on fire is one of the most popular and powerful experiences of his four-day self-improvement seminar called Unleash the Power Within. Of course, I was very anxious and nervous about the whole thing, especially since I remember reading headlines a few years back of one participant who had sued him for severe burns suffered while participating in this very same fire walking activity. With this recollection in mind, why wouldn’t I be? Even those who’ve done it before often admit that they still get a little antsy every time. It didn’t help matters much when Tony himself admitted that even he got very badly injured one time because he was not “in state.” 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the key to it all. You see, you have to be in a certain state of mind in order to safely complete the task. It truly is a “mind over matter” thing. Tony takes almost the entire first day prepping his audience up mentally, emotionally, and psychologically so that by midnight (yes, I said midnight!), everyone was all excited and roaring to go! And even though most of the 10,000 people in attendance had not had very much to eat that day (Tony goes full-speed for almost the entire twelve hours starting from noon to midnight), it was incredible to see everyone still filled with so much energy as they eagerly lined up in rows to do this firewalk, all while chanting at the top of their lungs, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” the entire time. 

It was very surreal to witness and experience it first-hand, and I’ll readily admit that it even felt a little bit “cultish” at times. But you know what? It felt absolutely amazing by the time you had finished walking across the twelve feet or so of burning hot coals under your feet, celebrating with a group of people who are like your best friends cheering you along on the other side!

Some will say that it was the most spiritual and transformative thing they’ve ever done in their life, while others will simply say that it makes for one great story they can tell others at a bar or around a campfire later on. So which was it for me? Probably somewhere in the middle.  

I certainly didn’t feel like I got any incredible spiritual transformation from it, but it was indeed one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It was metaphorical proof of the power of the mind over matter for me. You see, prior to that day and that night, I had known for the longest time now that it was mostly the toxicity of my thoughts and my mind that had been limiting my potential and even happiness in life. Tony just has a wonderful talent and gift for helping people realize this about themselves. More importantly, he does it in ways that not just moves them to tears, but he presents it in an environment that forces them to face their fears directly and actually do something about it. Right then and there. No doubt or hesitation about it. 

So if you’re ready to face your fears and destroy any limiting beliefs that might have been holding you back from achieving the type of success and happiness in life that you deserve, then I highly recommend you attend one of his live workshops and walk on fire yourself. I promise you will leave there burning with an energy and passion for life like you’ve never known before!

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