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What our RL Buzz Subscribers are saying?

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  • Dwight Johnson
    Air Force Logistics Officer (ret'd)
    Colorado, USA
  • “I am a retired Air Force Logistics officer. I have always dreamed of spending my life writing and teaching leadership. I published my 1st book, The Ethical Coach Leader, last year, but still needed to learn how to build a following and bring more attention to my writing. Then I found the RL Buzz program. I started right away. How could I argue with $29 per month? You get everything and its set up instantly. I published 4 articles in my first 30 days. I had those articles shares over 100 times and had over 50 people join my list in the first 30 days. The best part: I earned over $1700, very casually, writing from home. I only committed 5 hours to doing this.”
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  • Mike Miracle
    Computer Programmer
    Illinois, USA
  • “I am a computer programmer and consultant. I do not spend a lot of time trying to learn internet marketing skills. I don’t get excited about it, but I know its really necessary in order to build a following to promote my new fiction book. I published 2 articles following the training. I also added some content like pictures, comments and videos so that people could get to know me. I had 20 new people join my list in the first 2 weeks and earned $785, writing from home.”
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  • Syieta Rhey-Fisher
    Elementary School Teacher
    Hartford, USA
  • “I have never been an internet marketer. I am an elementary school teacher and an author. I love to write. I have dreamed of a way to make a bit of extra money writing from home. I had to pinch myself when I learned that I earned $942 in the first month using the buzz program. I followed the article writing training and published 2 articles in my first month. Now I take 5 minutes a day and add content to my profile page. I can see clearly how big my list is going to be in a year from now.”
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  • Marshall James
    Active Service Member
    Waycross, USA
  • “I published my first book, Being Broke Makes No Sense, a short while ago. I’m an Active American service member. I’ve been studying lots of systems trying to learn how to build a following online in order to sell more books. I have never seen anything that works like GoRead Buzz. I just followed the training. I published a couple articles and added lots of content to my profile page. Before I knew it, people were joining my list and engaging with me. I had 30 new REAL fans join my list in the first couple weeks and I earned $2041 in income in my first 30 days.”
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  • Limor Markman
    Financial Planner
    Toronto, Canada
  • “I am a Real Estate Investor & Money Expert on a mission to empower women! I joined the Buzz Program as a way to reach a larger online audience. In my first month in the program I earned over $1,700 US, which is aligned with my message that we all need to have multiple streams of income. The platform offered strong assistance via their online support and trainings, which made it easy to use the platform to start building a following.”

Free Website and Webpage

You will get your own website with many different layouts.

Full Book Publishing

Potential to earn a full book publishing deal with advance

GoRead Buzz Elite Marketing Summit

Win free paid work-cations to the annual GoRead Buzz Elite Marketing Summit in Mexico and he annual GoRead Choice Awards and Writers Conference.