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At GoRead, one of our goals is to teach authors and content creators how to build a following, how to create content that your fans want to consume & how to sell your products. You don’t have to be a published author to join the GoRead Buzz. When you click on this enrollment button you will be redirected to the enrollment page for our program.

By joining the GoRead Buzz program, you are getting access to a first-of-its-kind online training platform that will teach you how to bring attention to yourself, how to build a following, how to get the media’s attention and much more. You will also be able to use your author’s page as a full service website with its own shopping cart and crm platform. You will have complete control of your list and be able to send private messages and emails.

Most importantly, here at GoRead we take a percentage of all revenue and direct it to the Global Revenue Share program. Through this program, we have created an opportunity for you to earn income as you learn to market and promote yourself.

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The world of selling books has changed forever. Since 2011, more books have been sold online than in “brick and mortar” stores, and the number of books published and sold online will continue to grow. Since 2014, there have also been more digital books sold than physical books. While there are few who believe that physical books will ever fully disappear, the statistics clearly show that consumer spending habits have permanently transitioned to the Internet. Consumers are clearly indicating that their comfort with online purchasing has grown exponentially, with no foreseeable slow down.

Additionally, in the past five years, the world has seen a massive movement to a new social economy. Purchasers are demanding more for their dollars. But what they are looking for is more than physical—want an emotional connection. Consumers want an experience!

The vision for goread.com was born from these trends, and it is now a reality.

In today’s world of book selling, authors must engage with their fans and build a community. There were more than 1.2 million new books published in the last year alone. Making your book stand out in the crowd now requires two parts working in tandem. First, the book has to be amazing! Second, you, the author, must build a massive following. goread.com gives you an unparalleled opportunity to connect directly with your fans and welcome new ones by exposing your book directly to people all over the world who have told us they like to read books in your genre. This naturally leads to you selling more books.

At goread.com, every book in the world has a page and every author has their own page. However, the authors that will benefit the most are those who take control of their pages by adding high quality videos and photos, writing articles, and hosting webinars—all from their own GoRead page.

Through our GoRead Buzz program, you can add more value to the fans who show an interest in you and your books. With proprietary abilities allowing you to host live streaming events—without the requirements of logging into a portal—more fans will drop by to hear from you. Our unique, Direct To Genre ™ Pay-per-click advertising allows you to advertise directly to readers all over the world.

Finally, with our virtual currency, Litcoins, our members can buy your books using their Litcoin credits—and we still pay you cash.

We love Indy authors. Whether or not your books are in the bookstore system, you can still sell them at goread.com and grow your fan base.

If you are an established author with a traditional publisher, you still need to take control of your social media and make it magical. With hundreds of thousands of avid readers using goread.com, you can create an Author’s Page that truly reflects who you are. If you don’t take control of your Author’s Page and make it a special place to connect with your fans, they will think you are not interested in them. By enrolling in the GoRead Buzz program you can also take advantage of the Direct To Genre™ Pay-per-click advertising.

Whether you are an Indy Author or with an established publisher, claim your Author’s Page and enroll in the GoRead Buzz today!

I am an Author/Content Creator