Vaughn Berkeley (Author)


Toronto, CA

If I could compare myself with anyone in history, it would be Cincinnatus. He was an emperor of the Roman Empire. He was really a farmer at heart and reluctantly became emperor when asked to serve his country. Rome was being hammered in battles and was in danger of losing the war. Cincinnatus took over the emperor role and commanded Rome’s mighty army to victory. Then, when the empire was stable again, he gave it all up to go back to… FARMING! I’d rather be in my garden than writing about myself. I’d rather spend time with those I love and care about than spend time with thousands of people in the world. Living a life of worth is my only goal in this phase of my life. Before I was 30, I created the multi-million dollar perpetual bursary system at Ryerson University. The campaign made headlines across the university circuit. It was unheard at the time. But I only did it because my heart was with the poor, the single mothers, those who really wanted an education but couldn’t afford to go back to university. I wanted to do something to help them and we did. These days, there’s a higher calling on my life. Father of 3, loving husband, author, writing coach, educator, and of course, gangsta gardener. I’m a work in progress. My focus is on spiritual growth for 2018 and these days I enjoy working with aspiring Christian writers, micro-entrepreneurs, and of course, my work as co-publisher of EternityWatch Magazine.
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