Tammy Luethje

Tammy is a Certified Oracle Card Reader, Reiki Master, Intuitive and Energy Worker. She works with energy to make the planet a better place for herself and others. Energy is the key to everything. In understanding energy, you can understand vibration, and in understanding vibration you can understand Self. When we understand Self, we Love easier. She also has a degree in Social Services and with her abilities she spends time bringing science and Spirit together. She helps people find their Soul’s path through Love of Self. People who may have fallen off of their own path through grief, trauma, abuse, addiction etc. This can be done with the help of Spirit but the journey begins within your center – the heart. Divine Guidance is helpful and messages she receives through Oracle Cards and through Spirit can assist in helping to open and heal the heart center helping you live a better and more fulfilled life. Tammy Luethje ~ Intuitive Energy Worker