Show Me the Love

Syeita Rhey-Fisher
Syeita is a teacher, author, writer and advocate for educational equity.

Sep 20,2016

Who said chivalry is dead? What makes people so charitable when you’re pregnant? Are they honoring the idea of new life growing inside of you or feeling compassion for the misery they assume you will endure? There are the usual tokens of kindness that happens for you such as people giving up a seat at a public space or event, being unusually social with you, offering you free parenting advice and showering you with compliments. Oh, and my personal favorite, letting you cut in a long line to go to the bathroom. Yes, I am already experiencing that special treatment withdraw that inevitably comes when the pregnancy is over. That moment when you go from being special to…normal. So what is the secret to keeping that civility going post pregnancy?

How about 5 creative and funky ways… 

  1. Give up a close parking space to someone else.
  2. Anonymously pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant who is sitting alone.
  3. Create a contest to pay a utility bill on your social media pages.
  4. Leave an inspirational letter, poem or note on someone’s car.
  5. Pay a generosity you received forward

For those of you who don’t feel like going the extra mile, here are 5 simple ways we can still show each other the love…

  1. Smile. A simple non-creepy, friendly smile is the easiest way to go.   
  2. Give Compliments. Going the extra mile to give a genuine compliment goes a long way with making someone feel loved.
  3. Offer assistance. Give aid to those who are in need. This can be as simple as holding a door for someone, letting someone in a rush cut in line at the grocery store or picking something up off the ground for someone.
  4. Like, share and leave a friendly comment. Of course I have to add a digital social media example since social media has become a very huge part of our lives. Like, share and leaving a compliment is the virtual way to show love.
  5. Have a heart. Be polite and treat others how you would like to be treated. In other words, follow the golden rule.

I know all of this seems like common sense but consider the following:

Practicing civility will take you farther in life, prepare you to be a good business owner or leader, help you to become a better communicator and role model for our children and youth.

We can have a more productive and civil society if we can follow the different examples of courtesy listed above. What do you think? Leave a message with your ideas.


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