Sophie Turner is a passionate Social Health Advocate, Communications Facilitator and Leadership Coach, empowering people - from professionals to leaders to family members - to strengthen the connection and quality of the core relationships in their lives. After a 20+ year career in marketing and communications, Sophie went in search of purposeful, transformational work that would enable her to play big and in more meaningful ways. What she has discovered was an alarming trend rapidly unfolding - the connection between a decline in mental wellness and social health to the increased dependency on technology as a primary means of communication. The convenience of technology has created an outlet that aids people to address their boredom, manage anxieties and fears, to fill intimacy gaps, and to distract them from dealing with the discomfort and messiness a potentially charged conversation may bring. The nuances and emotional cues once experienced by touch, expression and language in the most basic human-to-human conversations are now being replaced by brevity, swipe, and screen time. More and more, people are seen less and less. As a result, Sophie launched The Conversation Project,, a space for people to learn about, cope, and overcome the anxieties associated with restoring real conversation with real people …. in a digital world. She works with clients to empower mental and social well-being, improve communications, and strengthen their most meaningful relationships.