I am a mother of an amazing husband and son. When my son was 3 he was diagnosed with a rare seizure disorder which caused him to stop talking. When I first learned about it, it was just my son and me. When I got in the car I started to cry because like every parent we want what is best for our children. I started to pray to God to help us through this and show us the path we need to follow. Thanks to God, we found a wonderful daycare who cared and put the best interest of the children first. They also offered therapy to children with disabilities, and my son received speech and occupational therapy and after daycare, we would go to play therapy 3 times a week. During the week, when we had time, I taught my son sign language, so he could communicate with me which helped his self-esteem tremendously. When my son first started there, because he could not speak, I saw how the other children treated him different and excluded him. I felt his pain and it shattered my heart seeing the look on his face because he did not understand why he was being treated differently and being excluded. That look is seared in my memory and I will never lose that image. Within a couple months, he started to talk a little with the therapy. When that happened, he started to make friends and I could see the difference in him and that warmed my heart and hope started to grow thanks, God. One night we were up at my parent’s lake house and I was telling my son a bedtime story I made up along the way. When I walked out into the living room my mom told me I should write a story down and send it to some publishers. So that is what I did but, I wanted to do something different and teach children about good morals and values through an adventure story. Even though our family has been through so much I choose to look on the bright side of and help to do some good in the world. My mother says I have been through more than most people will go through in a lifetime between my son, my husband’s health, and all my health issues. I am grateful to God because all it did was make me stronger and showed me the path he laid out before me. I have a saying that I made up- ONE BOOK CAN HELP A CHILD SEE THE WORLD DIFFERENTLY AS IF ROCK IS THROWN into THE MIDDLE OF A LAKE YOU SEE THE RIPPLES GO ONE AND ONE UNTIL. THAT ONE CHILD CAN BE THE ROCK THAT HELPS HIS FRIENDS, FAMILY AND OTHERS SEE THE WORLD IN A DIFFERENT WAY; AND YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THAT ONE CHILD CAN DO, THE DIFFERENCE HE CAN MAKE, THE INFLUENCE HE WILL HAVE COULD BE CONTAGIOUS TO OTHERS. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS THAT ONE CHILD CAN DO JUST BECAUSE OF ONE BOOK THAT INSPIRED HIM TO SEE THE WORLD IN A DIFFERENT WAY!
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