Sarah Coolidge


Kings Beach, US

One of the things we all have in common is that we want to feel heard, seen and understood. Clear communication can help us meet that need. Sarah Coolidge grew up in a home which was uniquely focused on communication and the English language. Her mother was the daughter of an English professor, and constantly reminded Sarah and her sisters to "aspirate your h's" and "enunciate!" Her father suffered from speech aphasia as the result of a cerebral aneurysm, and had difficulty constructing complete, understandable sentences. This complex environment brought an intense focus on the impact of language to her childhood and life. The happy result is that she is on a mission to prevent the condition of “invisibility” by using her impressive skills of interpreting incomplete and unclear messages to illuminate and celebrate the beauty and gifts in others. She is an author, trainer and message coach who loves to assist entrepreneurs to produce high-quality, transformational marketing and messaging materials. Her new release,“Your Amazing Itty Bitty Message Mastery Book,” offers non-professional writers expert advice for producing the best writing possible. "Make a Book, Move a Book, Book a Sale" is for business people who want to grow their bottom line by writing a book that establishes their expertise. You can connect with her at or schedule a free consultation by emailing
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