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Searsha Ke was born into a family of entrepreneurs, so it was only fitting that she became an ambitious entrepreneur herself. It's been a life of entrepreneurship that has run through her veins. This type of life has seen its ups and downs. Filled with many of failures and many success. Including a chapter of travel around the globe. Although she can say, her best successes yet has not been career related like she always imagined. Instead, she was taken for a huge detour in her entrepreneurial life of being blessed with 4 Beautiful children. This blessing has created her to re-evaluate her entrepreneurship and build what seemed to always truly be missing. What was truly missing inorder to allow her entrepreneurship succeed, is in her upcoming coauthor novel. With this missing ingredient that she discovered, she's since been building it through her business and life. Searsha Ke looks forward to achieving the success that has been dedicatedly worked at since a child and showing her children how to do the same for themselves. She advocates and hopes to inspire anyone who has put their absolute all into something, while their boat has yet to sail in. She is here to help empower others to never give up, to remember that perseverance is key and to help others truly believe in themselves.
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