Nathalie has been on a fast-track in the world of healing energy since November 2015. She entered the world of healing energy modalities when her search to help her two-year-old dog, Dewey, from relief of joint and muscular pains, led her to it. Not wanting to medicate Dewey with pills for the rest of his life, she embarked on this path. The results were astounding. In turn, she has been able to heal herself of health issues, and now, assists others on their healing journey. Nathalie’s private practice offers healing energy sessions for animals & people. She is a Reiki Master Practitioner (Usui) and a practitioner of Therapeutic Touch, Integrated Energy Therapy, and ThetaHealing(R). An entrepreneur at heart, Nathalie has a network marketing business in Health & Wellness where she aims to help others transform their lives. She is a volunteer committee member with the Therapeutic Touch Network of Quebec. She is a strong believer in fundraising and donating time in effort to make a difference in community where possible. She enjoys returning home to her hubby, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 4 lizards, and fish. She enjoys the simple things in life (sunsets, moonlight, flowers, and all of nature’s beauty) and connecting with people and animals.