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I was blessed to have such a colourful upbringing. I could be the typical conservative writer and tell you all my specific generic details about myself, but I'm not that kind of person or author. Instead I will say that coming from a mixed religious and cultured family, moving around a lot as a child, living in pretty poor income areas of Montreal (or the "ghetto" as some would call it), and going through some pretty traumatic events in both childhood and adulthood has definitely shaped who I am today. I was born in a small city of Charlesbourg, just outside of Quebec city. Up to the age of 4 years old, I didn't speak a word of English. My mother-tongue was French. However, that all changed thanks to my father. We moved to Montreal in hopes that my father would get away from the small mentality that he felt from being away from England, to hopefully find work in his field, and that my sister and I would learn English. Well, two out of three wasn't bad. Coming from a shy Catholic French-Canadian mother and an extroverted Jewish British father really did have a strong impact on my sister and I, especially in our childhood. We went through lots of crap growing-up, too much to write at the moment. My mum tells me I should write a book. So guess what? I'm working on it. Growing-up I had two things that saved my skinny arse: classical ballet and writing. I started dancing not long after we moved to Montreal. The discipline, the escape it created for me to forget outside stresses, and the art of understanding how I can express myself without words really helped me stay focused during those rough times. The writing came a bit later, around 10 years old if I remember right. All thanks to my grade 5 teacher, who one day asked us to keep a daily journal of our Christmas holiday. I never stopped writing since. Writing and dancing saved my life during my high school years, it kept me sane in college, and made me realise my passion for both arts by the time I reached university. Now, being a mum of an autistic boy I understand why I was given all these experiences and gifts: to help him and other children grow and discover their own passions.
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