Gary Butler


Victoria, US

Gary is a trauma survivor; as a four-year-old he watched his father beat up a man who made a pass at his mother. Gary has dedicated his life to healing other people’s pain stemming from childhood trauma. He worked in an inpatient facility in Kerrville, TX in the early 1990s and had a family therapy practice in Houston and San Antonio. He has written a CEU class to be presented for the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals in August 2018. He has been developing a recovery program for healing the trauma experienced by first responders. He has delivered several segments of it to EMS professionals and fire fighters. He is committed to continue to develop and refine it with the aim of eventually publishing it. He is activity involved in developing a center devoted to identifying Survivors, offering self-help and therapy groups as well as offering training and supervision for Helpers. He wants to develop an active network for Survivors and Helpers to share their ideas, strength and hope as well as identify centers in other cities.