Why Make Date Night a Priority

Tonya Blakley
Tonya is an intuitive success coach who teaches people to become conscious creators of their lives.

Apr 12,2017

No mater how strong your relationship is, the drudgery of the everyday will test even the most rock-solid partnerships. Real-life gets in the way of the romance; because whether we like it or not, piles of never-ending laundry and kids with overloaded schedules will put a dampener on even the most steamy couples’ passion. But making the time to be with your partner can do wonders to revive any relationship. Actually, making date night a priority is not only necessary for healthy relationships, it can also revive ones on life support. There are a million reasons why you should start making your relationship a priority. But because we know you’re already busy, we’ve rounded up a few of the big reasons why “We-Time” is something you need to put at the top of your to-do list.

When you do something enjoyable together you associate fun with your relationship

Every marriage has issues. In fact one of the biggest complaints relationship counselors get is that couples feel like their spouse doesn’t hear them.

But by making time for date night on a regular basis, it gives you the opportunity to tune in with each other. And when you schedule time to enjoy life with your partner, it means you’re more likely to associate your relationship with fun instead of monotony. And let’s be honest, thinking back on date-night is way more pleasurable than storing your memory-bank with yet more thoughts of who forgot to buy the bread and milk.

While you’re at it, try something new. New experiences activate our brain’s reward system, flooding it with feel-good brain chemistry. In fact, when we try something new, it activates the same brain circuits that light up in the early stages of romantic love.

Making an effort shows you both that you’re worth the effort

There’s no doubt about it. Date night takes preparation. In fact sometimes it might seem easier to head up a military operation than it is to get a date-night off the ground. It’s no wonder a recent survey from Redbook magazine found that 45% of its readers said date night is a rare occurrence.  Not only do you have to get your schedules to collide and find a decent babysitter, a date night takes effort. The stepping out of your yoga pants and showering kind of effort.

It may all seem like too much work to even bother. But you should. Because when you do, it sends out signals to both you and your partner that your relationship is important. That it’s worth your time. And be honest with yourself, when you do make that extra effort how do you feel? Pretty darn good.

Stops you from feeling like roommates and more like lovers

No doubt about it, modern moms are busy. All this ‘having it all’ comes at a price – usually the time we get to spend with the people we love. But when we don’t spend quality time with our significant other, our levels of intimacy start to slide. One of the most common complaints couples have about their relationship is that their spouse has started to feel more like a roommate than a lover. But here’s the thing, romance is like a delicate flower: unless you nurture it, it’s going to whither and die. And romance takes effort. No one feels romantic if the only sweet nothings you whisper are who’s doing the school run and did the bills get paid. So if you want the romance back, it’s simple: make the time for it. Switch off from the real world and tune into your partner. Date night is all about the two of you and nothing else. Date night has nothing to do with running your life, but has everything to do with living your life. Think of date-night as plant food for your relationship: it helps your love bloom.

There are many reasons why date-night is important and the above examples are just a few ways to highlight that – but you get the idea. Carving out ‘We-Time’ is at the heart of every strong relationship.

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