You know it was YOU


Aug 04,2017

You know it was YOU


What is this thing we call love? I read somewhere that the meaning of being in love is the high you feel when you are with that special person.  What happens when you start doubting that person’s love? Doubting their faithfulness?

If only you could check their phone, just once. And you do. You find nothing. What if you could be a fly on the wall, listening to them talk about you, just once. Then you would know their feelings for you. So your mind wanders to what can be done to achieve this. With today’s technology anything is possible. You google phone spyware, you find exactly what you need. A software app that tracks your love’s every move, every text, every call, every website they visit. Just like that, you have access to all the information you ever wanted. You have access to what they are thinking and doing all for a low price, or is it? At that point, it is only money, you convince yourself. It is never only money. 

With a simple click of a button, you are jeopardizing everything. You don’t see it, not right away anyway. You tell yourself I will just look this once, find nothing and reassure myself and we can go back to living ‘in love’. Wrong. The minute you click that button, you have broken the trust, one of the crucial elements of a healthy relationship. And you can never go back. Why can`t you go back? Because once will not be enough, you will keep searching, looking until you find something. If you look hard enough, you will find that meaningless text, but your mind wanders again, and there you are making up scenarios in your head about what it could mean. You can`t confront your love because they will know that you betrayed their trust, so what to do? 

Now you need another app, one that will send you anonymous messages of your partner’s activity. With this, you can confront them and they will never know it was you. All this seem easy? Think twice, as you have broken their trust, lied to them, fabricated scenarios in your head and all for what? To satisfy the insecurities that had nothing to do with your partner in the first place. Before you attempt any of this, remember you can never go back, even if they never comesto the realizationt it was you, you know it was YOU. And we are most unforgiving when it comes to ourselves, because we expect more. 

Be the person you have always wanted to become. Overcome your insecurities, not by dragging your loved ones down with you, but by being the person they want to be with; A loving caring trustworthy partner. Afterall, isn’t that what you were also looking for in your partner?