Opinions: Strike That!

Shari Reinhart
Ghostwriter | Manuscript consultant | Editor | Aspiring vegan | Wannabe yogi |

Sep 16,2017

“Because what you think is an opinion and while you have a right to one, you don’t have the right to impose it, expecting people to take it on as a universal truth.” ~Shari

But then again, this is only my opinion…

People will always have something to say and people always scrutinize.

Case in point: My greying hair.

Wow! Really? I had no idea people could be so bold with my personal sense of self. Some people think it’s OK to offer unsolicited opinions about my decision to embrace grey with all its kaleidoscopic variations of grey, grey-white, blond and sometimes too brassy blond. “What’s happening to your hair?” to “I think it’s going to look really good when it grows out.” Or, “I really don’t like this,” to “wow, I wish I was brave enough to go grey.”

If it is an solicited opinion about me or my hair, why should I care? I didn’t ask.

Know this the next time someone tells you you’re too short, too sensitive, too tattoo-ed, too anything…

#1 — Small-minded people are very busy forming opinions about things that have nothing to do with them

#2 — Self-worth should no be magnified or diminished by the opinions of others; it comes from developing self worth

#3 — Only you know what you’re made of. Everything else is someone else’s idea of you

#4 —Separate opinion from fact. Identify what’s important, let go of small minds, small stuff, small things…

#5 — Trust that if “it” feels right “it” is right for your world and the ones you love.

Understand and appreciate how gorgeous it is to love yourself despite what others may think.  Know your values. It takes courage to live your truth but becomes easier when you know your tribe. Connect to the real loves of your life in deep and meaningful ways or waste your precious life on wanting to appeal to others’ standards. 

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