In the Stillness

Shari Reinhart
Ghostwriter | Manuscript consultant | Editor | Aspiring vegan | Wannabe yogi |
Personal Development

Jan 02,2018

I wish you less

  • Less perfecting and pleasing and putting on airs
  • Less blaming and shaming to make room for more loving and wondering
  • Less anger, anxiousness, less apathy
  • Less mindlessness about the preciousness of how you use your time
  • Less time-wasting and more time adventuring
  • Less Facebook and more face to face coffee chats
  • Less doing. Less running from yourself and more running back towards your self
  • Less of saying yes when you mean no

I wish you less of what you don’t want and more of what you do

I wish you the ability…

  • to reach into the calm at the centre of your being
  • to choose kindness over being mean or impatient
  • to develop a practice of mindfulness
  • to choose being helpful over hurtful
  • to quiet the mind so you can see… really see what lies beneath
  • to bring consciousness to everything you do, say and ask for
  • to become curious, to be an asker of things, a seeker of truth

I wish you the ability to become the lightness of being

I wish you love

  • Love that is cultivated from self-awareness and compassion
  • Love that radiates out into the world from the center of your Self
  • Love that breathes through the pause between words when you speak

I ask of us:

How do we know ourselves? Beneath the labels people gave us that we identify with? Beneath the image we cultivate everyday by the clothes we wear? And under the ego that is the mask we don… what do we really know about who we are?


What can we learn about our reason for being here if we stripped away all our titles and our “shoulds” to get naked with this question: “who am I without these?”

I don’t know!

BUT – I do know this for sure: The answers to our most important questions are found in the stillness of mindful stillness.

And so… I wish you the strength and courage to journey back to your Self.

In time, you will find all the Love in the world within you and when you return to your Life your world won’t be different but the Light you found inside will Shine out into it and you will see everything clearly.

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