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A couple of years back I left my job as Assistant Manager with Scotiabank, Kirkland, Qc & started my own business. I'm President / Owner of A CREATIVE CORPORATE GIFTS supplying companies with customized products with their Company Name / Logo to keep them on TOP OF MIND to get new business or referrals.......& Founder of MBA-MONTREAL BUSINESS ASSOCIATION. I'm a proud mom of Amanda....... I love fashion, socializing, experiencing food from different cultures , travelling to beach destinations & of course enjoying cocktails on the weekend.

May 03,2017

Networking is the lifeblood of a business success. As a business owner, it`s essential that you belong to Business Networking Groups in your region to keep your brand visible & top of mind.


1. JOIN BUSINESS GROUPS…..Not sure what groups to join, start with

– Your local Chamber of Commerce. They organize their own events. When you attend one of their events you meet numerous businesses.  Ask them about what other business groups are in your region.

– Facebook is increasingly business-oriented. Most organizations, business owners and event planners use their system of organizing Networking Events. Stay on top of this to see what’s happening in your region. Go to the events that fit the culture of your business. Linked-In, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest are also very good platforms to connect with networking groups.

– Ask your Business Colleagues about networking groups in your region.


2. HAVE A GOAL…..Set a goal for yourself before attending the event. EG: I want to meet 3 decision makers who are printers, marketing companies, graphic artists, web designers and human resource companies. My company supplies promotional products with the Company Logo and these are the ideal alliances I want to develop for referrals.


3. CARRY BUSINESS CARDS…..Too many time people go to networking events without their business cards. Ensure you have 25 & more with you as it puts a face to your business.


4.  MINGLE WITH  PEOPLE YOU DO NOT KNOW…..There is no sense in sticking with people you already know at a networking event. You have a goal to meet 15-20 people who may be your ideal alliance.

– Circulate the room to introduce yourself.

– Exchange cards to those you do not know.

– Introduce yourself with a firm handshake.

– Ask for his business card & give him yours. Talk positively about the venue  to start the conversation & proceed with “what in your background got you interested in this field“ Let him speak most of the time.

– Wait for his cue to ask about your business. Then you explain briefly. From listening you will know if he has a need for your product / service & suggest  that you can help him. Listen carefully for the clues to proceed accordingly. At this point 50% of your work is done.


5. FOLLOW-UP…..The real work starts when you leave the meeting. Follow-up with an email or phone call. Book the appointment right away to meet within the week. Do not let it slip away as you may never get the opportunity  to talk. you are now responsible for turning this appointment into a close deal.


Networking increases visibility. Visibility increases credibility. Credibility increases the opportunity to do business. People do business with people they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST.  

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