Your Habitual Habits and What to Do

Rebekka Mars
Rebekka BlueMoon Catherine Mars brings a contemporary twist to the ancient practice of Yoga, and blending it into her every day-- living and career. Her eclectic approach of life coaching pulls from a dance of yoga, fitness, and other wellness practices for the body with a positive mindset and meditation base for the mind . When the body/mind works, life works. Rebekka is not only a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, and coach but is also an outdoors lover, music enthusiast, runner, and live-er of love.

Nov 22,2016

Habitual : done or doing constantly as a habit
  ——> Habit : a settled or regular tendency or practice

Today I mention both for a double-whammy of importance.
Not only do your actions speak, but your words, your thoughts- they all are synonymous AND they are revealing more than you may realize!

You see, I look at my day, my week, my month, year, LIFE, in waves.
I love picturing life’s events in ebbs and flows, like the rising, cresting, and washing away of the ocean’s ripples.  Within these ebbs and flows, or for all the yogis out there, vinyasas (simply meaning ‘flows’ for today’s sake), they each include these 3 main parts:

  3. AN END

Hang with me here…
So within these cycling flows of beginnings, middles, and ends, you can witness personal trends.
Are you a CreAtoR?  An idea person?  Wonderful at STARTING things– new habits, exercise plans, diets, goals, relationships …? 

Or perhaps your good with the process. Maybe once you’re given an assignment, an idea, etc. YOU are the one that is great at IMPLEMENTING and doing the gritty middle-work. Same for all of the above (exercise, eating, goals, relationships… the list goes on).

OR you are a FINISHER. You may not be the best originator, nor the best person to initiate and carry out a plan but by golly, YOU are great at finalizing, knowing how to end things (exercise, diets, projects, relationships …). 

Pause and think on this for a moment.


The way you do something
Is the way you do anything…

So what are YOU?
The Starter?
The Do-er?
The Finisher?

Most likely you resonate with one more boldly than the others, of course we all have a little of each in us.

Why even think about habits today?
Because in this vinyasa of your life, it’s important to know YOU.  

Or maybe today, this is simply a good read.  Or just a little splash of inspiration, bringing light to these parts of your one beautiful life.

So are you a beginning, middle, or end person?
Which parts of your life do you totally see connected in these similar patterns?  

And whether you need to start something, move forward into action, or find completion, it’s all movement and that’s what it’s all about.


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