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Rebekka Mars
Rebekka BlueMoon Catherine Mars brings a contemporary twist to the ancient practice of Yoga, and blending it into her every day-- living and career. Her eclectic approach of life coaching pulls from a dance of yoga, fitness, and other wellness practices for the body with a positive mindset and meditation base for the mind . When the body/mind works, life works. Rebekka is not only a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, and coach but is also an outdoors lover, music enthusiast, runner, and live-er of love.

May 09,2017

Good morning!

I honestly hope this finds you well and refreshed for a weekend full of JOY.

I’m in Indianapolis to run a half marathon and see my beau’s friends and family!

The quick, but super important main point that has been bubbling bigger than usual recently is this one statement that honestly irks me more times than not:

“How are you?”

Give me a quick nag moment, but it seems like SO MANY people are programmed to just say these words– without meaning, without heart, without gusto. Sometimes in an obvious sales sort of way, other times as an ingenuine icebreaker, or even out of laze to strike up other more personalized conversation.

Do you know what I’m talking about? When a stranger; waitress; even friend will rapidly blab out [in any of many tones and intonations] “Ohh how are you?” and in the same breath continues with more talk, none of it even pertaining or actually responding to you and your answer [if you even got one out of your mouth]. This drives me nuts.

BUT, sometimes this is all we need: acknowledgment

On the plane here, the flight attendant went by three different times and checked on us with those words. She was awesome. The difference?

She made eye contact, paused what she was doing and even if her mind was a million other places, she made me feel like she was genuinely concerned.

Sometimes, however genuine, it can change someone’s day (or flight experience) to hear those three simple words.

And sometimes, THE BEST person to ask this to is…

YOURSELF. I love coaching and boosting awareness around the Self — self-sufficiency is at the top of this list.

Can you be your own best friend? Can you greet yourself daily with that simple question,

“How are YOU?”  

And of course, spread the love, ask others with bold eye contact and heart, too but notice why you’re asking… do you care to hear the reply? Do you need something in return?

Become even clearer on your needs, your message, and watch your life include an even greater flow of abundance . . .

Thanks for listening, gotta go run!


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