Healthy habits without your family’s support

Rachel Aldrich Rader
Rachel is a Fitness and Wellness Coach and a Boymomx3.

Jun 19,2018

Have you ever forced your spouse or your family do go on a diet with you? Have you attempted to go on a diet yourself while the rest of your family still ate in a way that was what you were trying to avoid?

How well did either tactic work for you?

After one holiday season a few years ago, I decided that a month’s worth of too much cheese, chocolate, and wine were a little more than my body needed. I wanted to reset myself and kickstart my healthy routine, so I decided to do a 21-day “cleanse.”

My clearest memory is from the first day, when I was eating roasted asparagus for dinner as my husband made bacon cheeseburgers for himself and the kids. I almost cried. I quit the cleanse before I was even eight hours in.

It wasn’t due to any kind of character flaw or lack of willpower. It came from putting too much stock in someone else’s behavior. My commitment to my cleanse wasn’t strong enough to withstand the smell of the bacon cheeseburgers.

While it may sound like the problem here was a lack of support. The real problem was my lack of commitment.

Would it make my life a lot easier if I wasn’t being tempted with the smell of bacon and sauteed mushrooms? Well, yeah, probably.  But as I tell my kids all of the time: You can’t control the actions of the people around you.

Be assertive about your goal, whether your family joins you or not. Know your own balance, and stick to it. The same thing goes for your workouts and your self-care. Set your boundaries, and make them clear to the people close to you.

Remember that there’s a fine line between asking for support and demanding that they fall in line. The first is healthy and fair, and the second will only lead to frustration.

You have to make whatever decision is right for you. You probably also have some influence over your family’s lifestyle habits. Whatever you are doing for you is going to affect them in some way. When you are busy taking care of everyone else, it’s sometimes hard to keep yourself on your priority list. The fact is that your wellness is a huge part of your family’s wellness.

Photo by Benjamin Manley on Unsplash

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