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Apr 23,2018

Something happened recently that I wanted to share with you. Up to now, we haven’t had the chance to explore the concept of our “energy” and the effects we may have on others. For some, this may be the first time this comes on your path and that’s super. For others, you may be a veteran at the concept. You may also be somewhere in the middle, not really paying much attention to it. For those who work with energy, such as myself, of course this makes complete sense!

In a simplified situation to understand what I am talking about, ever been in a room and a person walks in and the room lights up? The energy shifts. The people in the room move toward the person or everyone is just jolly and happy? How about the opposite? The person who walks into the room is in a horrible mood or just distant; what happens then? Most people will kinda move away from them, perhaps make small talk but as if walking on eggshells, or avoid that person like the plague. Like a contagious virus, some in the room may get moody too.

Now think of yourself as the person walking in to the room. What are you bringing into the room energetically? How are you showing up? Are you bringing high vibes or low vibes?

Don’t get me wrong. It is healthy and normal to feel our emotions fully and honestly to release them from our energy. Imagine yourself like a cup and the emotions you feel are the liquid that fills the cup. Do you release the emotions before the cup overflows, feeling them and pouring  them out or do you keep the cup full, with the possibility of overflowing, and hang on to the emotion and energy?  How long do you stay in the energy, especially heavy low-energy? 

Here’s an example to help make sense of my point:  

Without going into too much detail, a few weeks ago, in a loving gesture for my well-being, my sister sent a reply-all email to a group email that we were both a part of. I understood where she was coming from but it was an email I wished she actually did not send. When I saw her later that day, I expressed this, she told me why she sent it, we hugged, and all was well. Or so I thought.  

The next day, I woke up so angry. I had not felt this way in a while. I actually went to bed with a little embarrassment when I had read the email to my Hubby and the feelings started to arise. (Side note, the feelings of anger and resentment had been prominent in the last month or so prior to this, so this just added to the fire. This is a topic to share in a future article.) All day the email and the emotions of embarrassment, anger, resentment, ruminated within me. Ruminating on something has not been a part of my life in at least two decades. What was going on?! It was so unlike me.  

The following day, I was all good. The emotions had been released. I no longer felt heavy or embarrassed, angry, or resentful. The situation was no longer part of my consciousness.

I didn’t forget it. It just was no longer part of my energy.

The following weekend, my sister and I chatted on the phone for a long while, catching up on the week we had. My sister and I are very close. We tell each other everything. I was just going to let that day of ruminating drop but something pushed me to tell her about it. Be truthful. Let her know this was part of my week. I didn’t want to keep this from her.

I said, “Sis. I want to tell you something. Not with big emotions or anything. I just want to let you know something.”

Immediately she replied, “You were mad at me.”

“What?!! Why would you say that?!!” I sort of giggled. “About what?”

 ”About the email,” she answered.

 ”Why would you say that?” I said in disbelief.

“Cause I felt it,” she said casually about feeling my anger all day.


We laughed. We were both amazed. We freaked about how in tune we are with each other’s energies. The rest of the week she said she gave me space. All was well. I felt lighter and so did she. 

“Cause I felt it.” Wow. Of course she felt it! Energy goes where intention flows. I was indirectly sending my sister those energies. I did not have malintention toward her. I was stuck in my own mind, thoughts, and feelings. She was just super sensitive to receiving them. Energy is energy. There are no barriers or walls with energy. This is also the concept of distance healing, a way healing energy practitioners are able to give distance sessions to clients who are in different locations than the practitioner. This topic is for another day as well. 

To wrap up, as energetic beings, it is our responsibility to mind our energy. 

Energy is everywhere and within everything. 

If we wish to have more __X__ (e.g. joy, happiness, love, etc.) in our life, then bring __X__ (e.g. joy, happiness, love, etc.) to the table. Want more love. Be loving. Want joy. Be joyful. Your energy will attract more of what you are feeling into your life.

There is so much to talk about this subject. What are your thoughts? Do you have a similar story? Do you believe in the power of energy?  I would love to hear from you. Thank you for commenting, messaging, and sharing your stories with me on my Author Page.

Be well.

~ Nathalie ♥


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