Are You In A Bad Rebound Or Remixed Relationship?

Moe DeCarlo
I show empowered, freedom-loving women how to get lasting love from an above average alpha male.

Oct 25,2016

You were minding your own business when…
*beep beep*
You get a text.
“Happy birthday”.
Hmm, that’s weird. You haven’t heard from David in a while. Well, it is your birthday, you think to yourself.
“Thanks”, you reply.
“Hope you’ve been good”, he continues.
“I have. Hope you’ve been good too”, you text.
At this point, the niceties have been completed. In many cases, this is where the story ends.
But in your case, he texts again.
“We should get together sometime”.
What you text (or don’t text) back at this moment can determine whether your life continues as it is today, or dramatically changes — and not always for the better.

Your Options

You can ignore him and go on with your life. You can respond, reconnect, and end up having a great time. Or he comes back to cause even more confusion and chaos in your life, reminding you why he was gone from it.
Now every man that’s trying to return to your life is not doing it for nefarious reasons.
Often his reasons are just as innocent as missing you, being lonely, or to truly see how you’ve been doing.
Being “in a dry spell” will trigger him to ping women from his past too. (You obviously want to avoid engaging with this, unless you don’t).
But I’m not here to judge the man’s motives. Only you can decide if his attempt to reconnect with you is unwelcomed.
So before you text back…make a DECISION. 

You Really Want To Say No (Thanks)

If you DON’T want to reconnect with him, then you definitely want to nip the chit chat in the bud. Send him a clear message that you’re not interested in any more communication from him, and for him to find joy elsewhere. 
Ok, you can leave that last part out…
But the point is to act swiftly and clearly in this moment. You actually have to say to him, what seems obvious to you. 
Text something like, “No I’m not interested. Please don’t text or contact me anymore, thanks”.
Whatever you do, do NOT make it seem like it’s because of someone else. “I can’t I’m seeing someone”.
This avoids him getting the wrong message that will keep him from “lingering around” for months or longer.
This is a part of the Making Clean Breaks strategy. A key element of the Elevate Above The Game system for creating personal freedom, truth, and power during the dating and relating process.

You’re Open To Seeing Him Again

Now if you ARE interested in reconnecting with him, that’s cool too. It’s just super critical that you consider a few things before you jump in your time machine and resume the relationship.
Life and love was supposed to flow, so I won’t tell you how things should go. 
I just want you to go into this with your eyes wide open and in your most empowered state of being.
Here are 3 questions to answer truthfully before you send that “ok let’s meet tomorrow” text reply.
  • Are you ok with hooking up for a bit then moving on?
    • Because it’s the most likely outcome of these situations. Sex is the typical motivation for a man trying to reconnect out of the blue.
  • Are you open to reconnecting but need him to address a specific topic left unresolved?
    • This is a common situation too. The best way to proceed is to make the discussion of this topic a pre-requisite to any dating-like encounters.
  • Are you seeing someone with potential right now?
    • If so, it’s a pretty bad idea to cloud your current judgement with an emotional entanglement from the past. You’d be better off dating someone else brand new. Your life, your choice. But you should know that old “lingering exes” have a way of energetically repelling new commitment-minded men from you. 
If you DO decide to re-engage with him, make sure you re-negotiate the terms of your engagement to suit your needs today. That’s called a Remixed Relationship.
You know, like when they take a song and improve it.

It’s All About You

As you may have noticed, the 3 questions are specific takes on the larger question, “what do you REALLY want?”
These questions are designed to align you to your deeper truth — beyond our judging ego.
Since he reached out to you, you are in reactive-responder mode. You want to be in proactive-creator mode.
That’s what answering those questions for yourself will do for you. Align you with your power to create.
What to do after you answer those questions should be clear, but if not — reach out to me and ask. I got you!

Being Aligned With Truth Feels So Good

By simply taking that little time to check in with yourself before re-engaging, you can save days and literally even years of wasting time with the wrong man. 
Not to mention all the stress, heartache, and confusion you smoothly avoid. And instead you experience more peace, presence, and power throughout the process.
Now who doesn’t want that?
This love game is not an exact science. It’s full of risk and uncertainty at every turn. But the rewards for the courageous lover are infinite and unimaginable.
Reserved for a select few.
Are you up for the task?
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