Positive Changes: How to Get Your Partner On Board

Melissa Dobson
Melissa is a self-taught student of today’s modern spiritual teachers, loves to write mantras.

Jan 27,2017

Have you ever tried unsuccessfully to get your partner to join you in making a positive change? Maybe it’s a new eating program, ritual to relax or spiritual practice that you’re loving.

After trying many times unsuccessfully to start something new with my husband, I accidentally found what works best. Committing to the change fully for myself, putting it on my calendar, letting him know what and when I’ll be introducing something new into my daily routine, and moving forward with it for myself. Wholeheartedly and excitedly with no expectations of him to come along.

Several years ago, I discovered and signed up for the Oprah & Deepak 21-Day Meditation Experience. I mentioned when it was starting and that the meditations would be emailed daily with the start date to give my husband a heads up. I didn’t ask him to join me. I had tried that with some other things in the past, and he wouldn’t pay it much attention.

This time, he did. And he was so interested that he joined me for the meditations, and meditation has become an integral part of our daily lives.

The key is to move forward with doing it for yourself. Even if your partner doesn’t sign up right away, chances are, as you integrate the new change and embody its benefits, your partner will become curious and may well join you when the time is right for them.

Takeaway: discover something new you want to try. Commit to it. Plan it on your calendar. Mention it to your partner with no strings. Go at it wholeheartedly. Embody the change. See if your partner wants to learn more without expecting it of them.

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