Stepping Stones

Megan Burgess
Passionate about life
Personal Development

Jan 31,2018

Picture this;

You’re standing in front of a long path, the sun is setting quickly but the snow falling lightly around you is sparkling from the light posts guiding your way. It’s quiet and everything is covered in a soft white blanket. 

With each step taken a footprint is left behind. You advance with caution so each one is so perfectly placed. The perfect distance between each one, on their rightful sides but not too far apart, walking a straight line, never crooked, keeping a good pace, never too slow. Being extra careful to not turn your head and look around so your steps don’t wonder off the edge of the path. 

The notion of perfection is absurdly unrealistic. While you’re making sure you always leave a good impression, make the right decisions, and absolutely always have it all together you are missing the good parts in life. Take the time to stop and look around, look back at your memories, and take it all in. If you’re not having fun you’re not doing life right. Start over if you have to because you have years to live but only one life and is it really worth spending but not enjoying it?

Skip, twirl, jump, roll down your path of life because looking back, it won’t matter how you got where you are. What will matter is that you experienced and lived greatly with each step forward. 

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