Pity Party

Megan Burgess
Passionate about life

Jul 25,2017

I throw pity parties on a regular basis and have become a huge advocat for them. Hosting a party like this can be very difficult at first but, once you learn the Do’s and Don’t’s, they can be extremely beneficial to our mental health. For quite some time now, I’ve noticed that our peers put so much pressure on us to not complain or feel sorry for ourselves, however surpressing negative emotions can become very draining. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to hold back in fear of pushing people away. As a human with emotions, I find myself occaisonally getting upset over small things, as well as bigger things, but I have been a victim of being labelled ‘too emotional’ when someone doesn’t understand my frustration. Is it PMS? I don’t know but who cares? I’m human and I have feelings that are specific to me, as do we all, and I’m allowed to express them. So here is everything you need to know about hosting your very own pity party in various extremeties.

Write. This is something that has helped me since highschool. It doesn’t have to be anything serious. Forget spelling, punctuation, paragraphs, sitation, capitals.. Just write. I keep a journal beside my bed and if I ever have a hard time turning off my brain at night I write whatever comes to mind until I feel like I’ve cleared my mind.

Find a good friend. My very best friend is my saving grace when something is troubling me. Not only does she listen to my rant for however long it needs to be, but she always understands, even when I’m not making much sense. If you can talk to someone that you know won’t challenge or add to your frustration, you will often be able to unfold your feelings without effort. 

Eat. Food lovers, this one is for you. Kudos to those of you on diets but when you’re feeling down, ease up. I’m talking about comfort food, from sugar to carbs to greasy, fat filled meals. Whatever makes you feel good (in the moment) do it, and forgive yourself the next day because you needed it. 

Curl up in sweats with a good book or movie. Being transported into another life with different problems is always a very welcomed distraction for me. The type of book or movie that I need in that moment finds it’s way to me. Sometimes it’s re-runs of my favourite show that I’ve watched four times, sometimes it’s a rom-con or action movie I haven’t seen before. Sometimes the goal is to help me get a good cry out and sometimes it’s to make me feel like a total badass. 

Go shopping. Men just as much as women might feel the need to reinvent themselves in terms of their style. This is a very effective way to boost your confidence and outlook on life when it’s got you down. Sometimes all it takes is a new outfit to go out and feel good in. 

Do something. This is a very vague suggestion on purpose. It can be something that is in or out of your comfort zone, something that you’ve been wanting to do for a while or something you never thought you wanted to do. This is generally for more extreme cases, when we’ve been through something difficult and need to feel alive again. Things like getting a tattoo, going skydiving, or seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. Answer the adventure that is calling you. 

And there you have it, six of my best suggestions for hosting a pity party. Whatever you choose to be most fitting, from the above options or not, do it, do it well and then get over whatever it is that is holding you down. As fun as they are, pity parties are not meant to be held over an extended period of time becase, simply put, life moves on without exception and you need to keep rolling with it.

Depending on the severity of the situation on a scale of 1 to 5, one being ‘I’m annoyed’ and five being ‘My life is over’, these six ideas and others may be combined. However, please note how I did not mention the use of drugs, alcohol, violence or reckless gambling to solve your problems. Whatever you choose, the idea is that it will ultimately improve your emotional health rather than create more problems down the road so please use caution when finding something that works for you. 

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