For The Love Of Failure

Megan Burgess
Passionate about life
Personal Development

May 18,2017

Failure is something that we’ve all experienced in some form, big or small. However, many of us have very different approaches or reactions to our own personal failures and to those of others. No doubt they can sting in various degrees, but they all help us grow more than we give credit for.

To get the clichés out of the way, it’s important to ‘look on the bright side’, and ‘learn from your mistakes’, or ‘it’ll only get better from here’. Honestly, what does that even mean? Those phrases are completely overused so the purpose of this article is to look further into why failure is so important. It happens too often that we see successful people blurt out how they have failed and feel the need to glorify that failing with a ‘but then …” continuing on to how high they climbed back up. My favourite part of those stories are not the happy endings.

Rewind a little bit to the part where everything fell apart, that devastation that we can relate to. That right there is the most important part of growing as a human because it is the place where the bad things live. Or is it? We are so afraid of being judged for what we should have done differently so people wait until they have redeemed themselves to share such experiences. Realistically, there are probably more people who are cheering for you than you think, who will admire you for your bravery in sharing. It can be uncomfortable and scary to share certain failures but it is so much easier to raise up when you don’t have to carry the weight of it alone. If this was something we could physically see, the pain and disappointment would be similar to the banners that they hold in front of the entrance to the football field and you come running up behind with an awesome song playing and your whole team behind you and you just break through.

The purpose of this article is not to say that you will rule the world if you push through, but that one of the greatest gifts that life has to offer is tasting fortitude at the bottom of the hill and then climbing back up.

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