A Love Letter to Myself

Megan Burgess
Passionate about life
Personal Development

Dec 16,2017

With the new year just around the corner, I thought this would be a perfect time to give myself a boost to invite positivity to 2018. Loving myself is an emotion that I, and many others, often struggle with. I am hoping this letter will serve as a reminder for all those who neglect themselves that we are a priority. I’ve heard all the clichés about the importance of self love, but nothing has inspired me to work on this aspect of myself. Luckily, I’ve always found it easy to love, I love so strongly that I feel I am always putting others first. As a result, I’ve been feeling as though this has impacted my life too much. I won’t tell you that in order to love someone else you need to love yourself first, but that if you don’t love yourself enough to put your foot down for what you want in life, you can’t possibly live the life you want. So here it goes, my (too) public self love letter.

Dear Megan,

It has been so amusing to watch your dreams transform over the years. It seems as though you have always known how you want to make people feel and that is a magnificent goal to wake up to everyday. I love how eager you are to understand how people feel and help when they need it. 

I am proud of how much more comfortable you are in your own skin, literally very thankful that your acne has calmed down, and confident you’ve become using your voice. You’ve come such a long way from the isolated world of sad, cryptic poetry. 

It’s okay that sometimes you avoid mirrors, see parts of your body and want to cry, or try to take a killer selfie but give up after two attempts. It’s also more than okay that you think you look fabulous sometimes. 

I love the way you know when to shut up and listen so you don’t miss the chance to learn something from someone. The way you put yourself out there even when you’re unsure is gracefully brave. 

Your persistence in making things work is incredibly admirable. You have the gift of optimism and with that you are able to power through difficult situations with a smile. 

One of my favourite things about you is that fact that you can see the best in people, hold your judgement, and give people the benefit of the doubt. You give so much of yourself to the people in your life that deserve it. 

Don’t be so hard on yourself because as you can see you’re doing some pretty good things with your life and I can only imagine better things to come. 

2018, I’m ready for you.

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