I Am...

Mary Beitz
I am a Daughter, a Sister, a Wife, a Mother of many, an Aunt, a Grandmother, an encourager, Friend & Confidante!!! I have been blessed with a positive perspective (for the most part…a work in progress in others), with a glass half full attitude and a sense of humour that has held me up in good times and bad. I have always appreciated being able to reach out, seek information, surrounding myself with women who believe in supporting one another, encouraging, sharing & mentoring. As I enter another season in my life I feel led to share some of the things that I have gleaned in my life so far on a larger stage. We will talk about Family, Friendship, Relationships, Children, Leadership, Compassion, Work, Food, Empathy, Responsibility, Menopause, Marriage, etc. May you be encouraged…laugh often! Ours is not a solitary journey. We women are relational creatures. I believe that we are the best support for one another! Here’s to a Beautiful New Friendship!!!

Oct 25,2016

I Am…

Point to Ponder…what I AM’s are you Blessed with today?

I was perusing a blog this morning when I received a call from a girlfriend. A dear friend of ours has had her husband felled by a massive coronary this past Saturday while out on a drive with his daughter…she was driving.

I had just been in her salon chair getting another fabulous cut and style hours before that call. She & I had talked about our families, chatted about shifting paradigms in our mindsets and that fragile thing called Life!

As my friend Tanya shared what was going on with our dear friend and her family, my mind stilled, my spirit quieted, my heart ached & my soul cried out!

You see, on Sunday I was dealing with “stuff” that is totally inconsequential…context is everything. As I was lying in bed “stewing” that night, I turned on the light, picked up my book and reframed my mindset.

I’m reading “The Power of I AM…Two Words That Will Change Your Life Today” by Joel Osteen. As I thought about what I allowed to hold my attention for longer than it deserved, I shifted from self to selfless.

Life is precious! Family is precious! Friends are precious! Our time here is precious!

I started my list of “I AM” Proclamations…

I AM…Blessed. I AM well able. I AM successful. I AM confident. I AM joyful. I AM valuable. I AM victorious. I AM healthy. I AM strong. I AM getting better. I AM wise. I AM faithful. I AM dependable. I AM positive. I AM happy. I AM energetic.

I AM free. I AM redeemed. I AM confident. I AM secure. I AM beautiful. I AM talented. I AM passionate. I AM qualified. I AM approved. I AM prepared. I AM accepted. I AM motivated. I AM valuable.

 I AM organized. I AM disciplined. I AM focused. I AM determined. I AM patient. I AM kind. I AM generous. I AM giving. I AM excellent. I AM empowered. I AM Blessed with a Husband, children, grandchildren, extended family & friends!!!

…and so today I AM holding this fragile thing called Life; claiming Life, grateful for the opportunity to shift to what is, in my mind, important!


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