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Sep 06,2017

Outliers: The Story of Success 

by Malcolm Gladwell

Read all you can about success and three things tend to stand out: hard work, perseverance and mastery. In reality things are much more complicated and can seem random. This book digs deep into the experiences of the worlds most successful and teaches us an entirely new perspective on what actually triggers success.

I’m very grateful that this book exceeded my expectations, and grateful that it would impact, influence and inspire me in an ongoing fashion. 

Gladwell doesn’t give you the secret pill to success. He doesn’t blather on about the luck or persistence of successful people either. In fact, there is no recipe for you to follow to success in this book.

What he does give us is the pure fact that life is filled with opportunities that feel like fate and if we don’t take them and run harder and faster than anyone else with them, we will not be successful.

Two big lessons I got out of the book are:

1. Success reveals itself in many things: time, place, your nationality, environment, family, friends, random luck, and available opportunities. However, all successful people have one thing in common that delivers their success: they all take the ball and run with it, hard!

2. Find yourself in the right place at the right time. If you’re prepared, but you don’t see the opportunity, you’re actually not at the right place. Take advantage of the world you live in, every time period offers different opportunities for success.

It never wanted to accept how much factors such as age, luck, and cultural legacy influenced the opportunities we have in life, and after reading this book I feel I’m a lot closer to understanding one key to success. We must keep our eyes open as well as our minds for every opportunity. 

Overall this is a paradigm shifting book, probably the best book on the topic I’ve reads so far. If you’re looking to reverse engineer success and apply the lessons to your life I would highly suggest reading this book. At the least, it gives you incentive to make an inventory of your experience and see what you’ve spent your 10,000 hours to master. Believe it or not, we all have something we’ve mastered! 

Thank you, Mr. Gladwell.

Please run out and get this book ASAP!

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