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Debra Reynolds
I am a rural girl running barefoot. My interests are writing, reading, nature, autism & epilepsy.
Personal Development

Jul 03,2018

Last night I was hurrying across my backyard when I noticed the sunset. I stopped in my tracks to admire it. Then I began thinking, how many times am I too rushed to even notice? Or conversely, when I notice I feel I must take photos, and get over-involved in that rather than the beauty.  

How many times do we simply stop and enjoy the moment? (Yes, I’m laughing at the irony that I took the photo, thinking of this article.) 

I am fortunate to live in a place where I often see such sunsets. I don’t need many pictures, because nearly daily I have glory spread across the sky. How many of those sunsets do I really enjoy? I was up before dawn the other day. Bird song in the darkness is amazing.

I do wish I had taken more pictures of my children, they change so rapidly. Knowing what to document, and what to just hold in your heart for the time you have it, is important. 

No matter where or how you live, there must be things, large and small, in your life which speak beauty and joy to you. The face of a child, or an elderly person. The shape of a flower, the bustle of a busy street, the sound of music or waterfalls. There are so many. And we’re all different. 

What speaks beauty and joy in your life? How often do you take a few breaths to just delight in something? Drink it in, like the smell of coffee in the morning? In a world where ugliness abounds and pushes into our lives insistently, how often do we celebrate joy and beauty? 

I’m going to go enjoy a few moments. What do you find in your life? I’d love to hear about it. And see photos, if you choose. 

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