Common Mistakes Why Diets Fail

Lorraine Crowston
Wellness Strategist, Author and Speaker Passionate about straight goods on health and nutrition.

Jul 08,2018

This is the first of a multi-part series.

Too often, when it comes to the latest diet craze, it appeals because of the promises to lose weight quickly. This unrealistic approach overlooks so many individual factors you could drive a semi truck through the holes in the logic behind what each diet claims.

We as humans are not logical beings; we’re emotional. That’s why we fall for that shiny new version of a tired old theme – lose weight quickly. That new diet may have worked wonders for the person touting it. What about you? You may lose the weight but do you keep it off? 

Just once, I’d like for one of these diet fads to claim – “Lose weight really slowly and keep it off forever”. 

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