Molly, the Dog with Diabetes

Kevin Coolidge
Kevin is the creator of The Totally Ninja Raccoons and lives in Wellsboro Pennsylvania

Mar 27,2018

Woof, my name is Molly and I’m a little dog with diabetes. Diabetes is an illness. Don’t worry. I am healthy now. My friends love me. My family loves me. I love them. I am happy.

I can do everything dogs can do. I just needed to learn to take care of my health. My life has changed since my mommy and daddy found out I have diabetes. I need to do certain things to remain healthy and safe…

Molly, the Dog With Diabetes, is a true story about a dachshund mix dog, and her journey with diabetes. 

Molly is my next door neighbor’s dog, and I see her most mornings when I walk in to work. I didn’t know she was diabetic until my neighbor mentioned it.

My neighbor is a former educator, and she thought Molly’s story would make a great book. I agree!

I contacted agents, and one was interested, but had glaucoma surgery. She referred me to other agents….all thought it was too niche. 

They’re wrong. At its heart, Molly’s story is not only a dog story–and who doesn’t love a dog story?–but the story of living a happy and healthy life with diabetes.

Does anyone NOT  know someone with diabetes? I have several friends with diabetes. Sadly, a good friend of mine passed from complications of the illness at 40. My father had adult onset diabetes in his senior years. This book is needed.

I’m going to bring this much-needed book into the hands of children and dog lovers everywhere.

Look for it in the month ahead on GoRead and wherever books are sold.

Molly is a little dog with a big heart. Yes, she has diabetes, but she is happy and healthy. Her friends and family love her, and she loves them. She does all the doggy things that dogs do, and she loves her life. If your dog has diabetes, your pet can be happy and healthy too!

Molly, the Dog with Diabetes is NOW available on GoRead!

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